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To reject the possibility of a sentient Creator being (God) is an act of narrow mindedness. It is preferable to keep an open mind upon the subject.

The main point is to believe and act from LOVE. The LOVE OF THE HEART. Whether we intellectually believe in God or not is not as important as LIVING FROM THE HEART - DOING EVERYTHING WITH LOVE AND WITH REFERENCE TO THE UNITY OF ALL LIFE. If we do this, then we are acting in a the way God would wish whether we believe in a God or not.

It is enough to realize the Unity of All Life and to do everything with love.

God or no-god, soul or no-soul, life is the way it is and we need to learn to attend to it with consideration, love, and care.


Atheism, the rejection of God and soul, leads to the fall into egotism, selfishness, clinging to bodily life, neurotic fear/grasping, and all vice.

Atheism is the choice of the soul and is chosen by the soul's freewill.

Atheism is the primary disease that leads to all ignorance, corruption, perversion, disease, and badness.

Atheism should be regarded as the most horrendous poison by any sincere soul that is seeking God, purification, LoveWisdomGoodness, and all good (and spiritual) qualities.

The first step in the soul's spiritual search must be to wholeheartedly reject atheism.

Atheism, the rejection of God and soul, blocks a soul from knowing God and experiencing all that God has to give each one of us. Atheistic desire, being centered in the rejection of God and soul, leads a soul away from God and any distance from God is always painful and miserable.

All manifestation, all Creation of variety and multiplicity experience, has its source in the infinite and eternal - God. In reality, there is nothing but God, the Creation being a small sample and example of God's boundless creativity. The Creation is not a mysterious, random, unfamiliar, or unexplainable phenomenon. It is a small example of God's creativity and each soul is also part of God's existence. There is no existence and no life that is separate from God. There is nothing but God. The very heart of each soul is loving held in the heart and mind of God.

Nothing is impossible for God. God can create and recreate whatever and whenever He so wishes. God is the Source of all variety and multiplicity (that which we call life) and God IS Life - all Life. Only the events within the Creation appear to be born and to die. For God and the soul, there is no birth or death. God is eternal, infinite, and all powerful. To make friends with God is the most obvious thing to do.

All Creation and TimeSpaceMatterEnergy events have their source in God - the eternal, infinite, and all powerful God.

The life of each soul is firmly in the heart and mind of God. Why reject, deny, and fight with your own source and substance?

Make friends with God, know God, fear not the changes in the world, the changes in your body and mind, and worry not about the future, in this life and the next. These details are all in the hands of God.

Learn to trust in God. Learn to like God. Learn to feel at one with the infinite peace, happiness, love, goodness, and abundant creative power that is God's all powerful character.

All perversion, corruption, and vice is a product of atheistic denial and rejection of the love, goodness, intelligence, and wisdom that is God's all loving character. All powerful, all creative, all loving, all good, all just, and all wise - this is the nature of God's beautiful character.

Get to know this character and it will be reflected within your own.

Realize your complete oneness with the good character of God. God has created us all from His very own self and we are only separated from God and God's beautiful character by our own heart and mind.



Atheism is the largest singular cause of depression, sorrow, melancholia, corruption, egotism, narcissism, perversion, vice, neurosis, and fear.

The atheist cannot find any cure for the sorrow caused by the appearance of finite mortality. By rejecting God and soul, the atheism binds a soul to the mortal physical body. "I am this animal body," thinks the atheist, "We are all these animal bodies. Life is but a flickering light within the darkness of this insentient universe and we shall all die too soon."

No wonder the atheist can find no lasting peace and happiness.

The rejection and denial of God and soul creates the, apparently, unhealable pain, sorrow, and futility that resides within the atheist heart and mind. This pain is curable by getting to know God and God's ways of soul and Creation.

God! Eternal, Infinite, Indestructible, Living, Loving, Peace, Happiness, Magical, Mystical, omnipotent, and omniscient. Source of all Creation. Source of all souls. Source of all experiences of variety and multiplicity. Now here is a character worth getting to know! Here is a character worth befriending. Here is person worth praising and thanking.

Blessed be our eternal Lord. Lord of love, peace, happiness, knowledge, wisdom, all good qualities, and all magic and mystery.

Blessed be the Lord of all Life.

There is no soul so miserable and wretched than the atheist, for what else can they perceive but madness and the mundane world of sense pleasure, ambition, temptation, egotism, vice, disgust, and ultimate empty meaning?

What has the atheist got to be happy about? What magic is there in the atheist's heart and mind? None. For without realization of God, what magic and wonder can there be? For the atheist, tedium, abuse (of good karma and good qualities), selfishness, doubt, depression, egotism, egotistical selfish ambition, neurosis, and madness stretching from cradle to grave. The mind of the atheist cannot rest with God so it persistently flits around speculating, desiring, forming selfish ideas, glorifying the selfish ego, ignoring the heart, and never able to find the peace and magic of knowing God and realizing the good souls glorious and happy future in Heaven.

Planet Earth (and similar soul schools) serves as a "prep" school for citizenship in Heaven.

The atheist, ignorant, and the sinner simply put off their graduation (to Heaven) and this in itself is a hurdle (and test) to overcome. The fallen souls must repeatedly return to Earth (and similar soul schools) in order to learn about God and goodness. Once we learn these most important lessons, then we realize how delinquent and miserable the fallen condition really is. To deny God, soul, and spirituality is to cut oneself off from the very source of all life.

There is no joy in sin (vice performed from spiritual ignorance) or atheism, only pain and misery.

Not only does the atheist/sinner poison their own soul, they try to poison others so that they can justify their attitude and life philosophy.

Reject the atheist/sinner and their ways, as they can only lead you astray and put off your graduation to Heavenly Citizenship.

Let God's laws and providence teach the atheist/sinner. You, dear soul, concentrate on God, LoveWisdomGoodness, purification, and goodness (virtue).

Worry not about the atheist/sinner/ignorant, for they cannot know God or enter Heaven until they become pure of heart and mind.

Concentrate on your own spiritual life of purity, goodness, and thanksgiving to God and all angelic souls.


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