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THE CREATION/Shakti/Unified Quantum field

Spiritual Psychology: Creation Shakti Maya Prakriti Samsara

The Creation is a fiction. It is the imagination of The One Real Eternal Self that experiences it All

"God" means the eternal, immortal, mysterious, Totality of Existence - the All - The Real Self.

God is a noun, a word label that refers to a thing. In this case, the word God is refering to the Eternal, Unborn, Undying, Ultimately Mysterious, Totality of Existence - The Eternal All/The True Self - All experiences of manifest creations and the unmanifest mystery. You can replace the noun "God" with whatever you choose. For conventions sake I shall use the noun "God" but I may also use the phrases: "Self", "Real Self", "True Self", etc..

All phenomena and experiences of variety, diversity and multiplicity happen within the One Total Self. We are within God/True Self now for there is nothing else. The Creation is the Part of God/True Self that expresses all possible experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity. It is where everything that can happen does happen. It is an eternally recreatable, repeatable, and eternally available experience.

Grieve not for the illusion of death, for in absolute Truth, all souls are eternal and we will all meet, again, and again, and again.The creation is not simply a complex interaction of physics and energy, it is a created environment full of individuals as souls, taking countless rebirths, experiencing many differing physical bodies, characters, and living worlds. It is a place full of magic, miracle, mystery, love, relationships, learning and forgetting, and enjoyment!

The Creation is a magical, mysterious, and miraculous place and we are eternally blessed to be in existence at all!


The word labels "Siva" and "Shakti" are just intellectual divisions to explain a system. The True Self is The Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious, Totality of All - Existence is one phenomenon without divisions; whole, total, one, complete. The Totality of Existence is our deepest identity - The One Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Self.

The experiences of The Seven Chakras of the human experience are mirrored by the basic elements within the Creation (Shakti). The pure Unified Quantum Field is the manifesting field that turns the "Imagination" (Thoughts) that are within the One Mind of The Real Self (the Mind of God/Self), into the experiences that arise from the interactions of all the other elements in their differents states (matter, liquid, heat, gas, quantum level) - Universes and their contents, AKA: The Creation

Siva refers to the permanent states of The One Self, that exist outside of The (very small) Creation. Unborn, undying, eternal (timeless), immortal, Being without beginning nor end.

Everything in The Creation is immortal. If you are attached to your physical body then you can keep it as many lives until you want another model. The soul is an immortal part of The Creation, taking as many lives as you like, hibernating for as long as you want, but periodically you and all other souls must spend time in a soul-school, like Planet Earth, to once again learn the difference between good and bad behaviour. The heart and mind is an immortal part of The Creation too. So, there is nothing lost in the Creation. At this period, you are in a soul-school learning the difference between good and bad behaviour.


"The creation/shakti/unified quantum field (all universes and their contents including souls) is God expressing and experiencing Its own creative abilities and qualities. There is nothing but God. Not perceiving, understanding, or experiencing this is a special kind of ignorance known as spiritual ignorance and has a special sanskrit name - Avidya."

We are within God now for there is nowhere else in existence!

The eternal and unlimited God is the ultimate generator of all life, all souls, and all various and diverse phenomena. God's eternal mind generates all phenomena and all experiences are eternally repeatable. All experiences of Creation are the will and imagination of God. There is neither waste nor loss in God's creative mind. Know that we are all lovingly and thoughtfully created and sustained by God's eternal heart and mind, we are always within God, for there is no where else to exist. Realizing this is the way beyond sorrow and towards peace, happiness, love, and thanksgiving.

Bhagavad Gita: 7:12

The qualities of nature (The Creation) come out of Me (God/The Real Self); they are my manifestations. Yet I am not restricted nor contained within them - the Creation is contained within my creative capacity (imagination/mind/shakti).

Bhagavad Gita: 7:13

Most souls fail to perceive The Eternal Self behind and beyond The Creation. Whilst the soul's mind is deluded by spiritual/transcendental ignorance (avidya), then those souls perceive only the changes within the Creation, and don't realize or perceive Me (The Eternal Real Self).

Bhagavad Gita: 7:14

Without a doubt, it is difficult to understand that there is much more to The One Eternal Totality Of All than the tiny Creation, but those who sincerely, patiently, and steadily study and attempt to understand that which is Behind and Beyond My Creation will surely find success in this task. They will become Self Realized/Enlightened.

Bhagavad Gita: 8:17

Whoever understands the day and the night of Brahma (that The Creation is an eternally repeatable and repeating phenomenon), that soul truly understands the ever repeatability of The Creation. (note: Brahma/Shakti/Prakriti/The Quantum Field = the creative principle of The Eternal Self that manifests as The Creation)

Bhagavad Gita: 8:18

As the cosmic day of Brahma dawns (as the manifest Creation begins its manifestation), all creation rises to manifestation out of the unmanifest state, and at the coming of "the night of Brahma", The Creation once again merges back int othe oneness of the unmanifest.

Bhagavad Gita: 8:19

The Creation, in all its almost infinite variety, repeatedly arises and then merges back into My (The Eternal Self) oneness.

Bhagavad Gita: 8:20

Beyond these manifested and unmanifested states of The Creation there is yet another unmanifested, eternal reality which forever continues uninterupted and independent from the activities and experiences within the Creation.

Bhagavad Gita: 18:20

I am the true Self in the heart of all creatures...I am the source of all things...I am the beginning, middle and ending of everything created...I am the seed of all beings. For without Me, whether animate or inanimate, nothing can exist...there is no end to my manifestations...just know that I am, and that I uphold the whole cosmos with only a fragment of my being.

Bhagavad Gita: 18:21

This eternal unmanifested reality, which is infinite and indestructable, is My very deepest and permanent nature; it is the supreme goal of the genuine seeker. The soul who realizes this eternal reality becomes Self Realized - Enlightened - and then understands their deepest, permanent, eternal identity as the entire Totality of Existence

BIBLE: John 1:3

All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.

BIBLE: Romans 11:36

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. [For all things originate with Him and come from Him; all things live through Him, and all things center in and tend to consummate and to end in Him.

Upanishads: 5:1

That (the Source/God/Real Self) is fullness, this (the Creation) is fullness. Fullness comes from fullness. If fullness is taken from fullness, fullness still remains. - Yajurveda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 5:1


As the source of all experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity (the Creation/Shakti/Maya/Samsara) is eternal, then so too is the repeatable possibility of all experiences of time/space variety/multiplicity - the Eternal Repeatablity Of The Creaion.

Put simply, all experiences within the Creation are eternally recreatable and available and it is God that experiences all things as there is NOTHING BUT GOD, the Creation being a small aspect of the Mysterious Totality of Existence - The One True Self.

God, the Creation, and all souls exist as eternally repeatable experienes. God can create any part of the Creation again and experience that phenomenon (that includes all souls and their lives).

Naming the Creation

Scientists, seers, yogis, and other groups, study the Creation and when they are communicating their discoveries, must use a name in their explanations. Here are some of the names that we use to describe the totality of the Creation:

  • The Creation
  • Prakriti
  • Shakti
  • The Universe and multiverses
  • The Unified Quantum Field
  • God's Mind/Imagination
  • The Totality of all variety and diversity

7. A part of my (universal) Self (God), which is eternal, comes down to this world and attracts nature's qualities. The mind and senses are animated by the individual soul (jiva) which is a part of Me (God). Thus, I (God as an individual soul), move about, perceive, act, and experience in this world of nature.

8. The true Self, who is the Lord of All, enters and leaves a physical body as an individual soul; when s/he goes on, s/he takes with him the mental and sense capacities (of the individual soul - karma).

A small portion of God, manifests itself as the individual souls, and then expresses itself through the body, senses, mind, world, and Creation.

The planet Earth is not separate from the Kingdom of God, it is part of the Kingdom for there is nowhere else in existence. All experiences in the Creation/Shakti/Maya are WITHIN GOD for there is nothing but God, God being another word for "The Living Totality of All". We, all souls, are in part of God's Kingdom already. We are always in the Kingdom for there is nowhere else to live within. The question is, where do we want to go next? To better or worse experiences? This is dependent upon the state of our heart and mind and the manner in which we live our lives on Earth.

God creates all time/space/matter phenomena. This is why the scientists cannot fully understand this small aspect of God's Creation that we call "our universe." The scientist is interested in finding "the theory of everything", yet however hard they try, this theory is not possible without including God as the central theme. At the quantum level all Newtonian physics breaks down and the scientist is baffled by seemingly impossible and bizarre behaviour of this physical universe. However hard the scientist researches, God only allows them to find that which God wants them to find. The path of the scientist eventually leads to God realization, as do all other lifestyles that souls experience.

On the level of the soul, God carefully places each soul into God made circumstances. At the death of the physical body the soul is placed into other bodies and circumstances, meeting all souls in different situations, and having unlimited lives which are all for the good of the soul, via the medium of learning and enjoyment.

After many lives, a soul realizes itself as a God made soul and then realizes and perceives the unlimited love and joy of God within all aspects of Creation. The God realized soul understands that it has unlimited lives in unlimited situations and thus is happy to accept God, God's ways, and the nature of soul and Creation.

The only purpose of the Creation is for God to give the gift of life to all souls. The Creation and the soul is God's loving gift of life. To experience a happy and truly successful life, we need to realize our God given soul and live in accordance with God's will of LoveWisdomGoodness. This may require the purification of our heart and mind.

God/The Total Self is the immortal, eternal creator of all the various, diverse and myriad phenomena that occur in the Creation. All sentient beings, all universes, all souls, and all experiences of variety and multiplicity are created by God. God's creative principle is the illusionary, dreamlike imagination (maya) that is experienced as the Creation. In reality, there is only God. Everything is God - relative (as variety, diversity, and multiplicity) and absolute (as unity).

All multiplicity is an experience of variety and multiplicity that is created and experienced by God. It is the immortal and indestructible God that creates all the universes and all the differing life forms and then experiences the whole show. That is why "life is an experience and not a possession."

It is the ignorance or forgetfulness of the true identity of the experience of variety and multiplicity that leads to all the painful attachment (to the experiences of maya/shakti/the Creation) and resulting confusion and sorrow.

All things that can be experienced - the holistic qualities of life - cannot be the experiencer. All experiences in life are objects (qualities) that are experienced by a subject (the experiencer).

Everything is God experiencing all names and forms and the variety and multiplicity of experiences that arise in the Creation. This current Creation that we experience as the Universe is only one of a infinite number of various Creations - such is the power and unlimited creative capacity of God. Afterall, God is the ultimate Creator of all variety.

All the variety is an experience not a possession and the experience is not the experiencer. The deepest and ultimate experiencer is the deepest and ultimate Being - God.

"There is one eternal reality that pervades everything and everyone. In the midst of the many, it is the indivisible oneness. In all (so-called) separate beings, it is never separated or divided. Perception of this reality is pure, or sattvic, knowledge."

Bhagavad Gita - 18:20.

I am the true Self in the heart of all creatures...I am the source of all things...I am the beginning, middle and ending of everything created...I am the seed of all beings. For without Me, whether animate or inanimate, nothing can exist...there is no end to my manifestations...just know that I am, and that I uphold the whole cosmos with only a fragment of my being.

- The Living (Bhagavad) Gita: Commentary by Swami Satchidananda


The Creation is Your (Real Self/God) Imagination (the Mind of The True Self). It is a part of You (Real Self) within which You experience variety, diversity, and multiplicity (as the experience of many individuals).

Our spiritual progress eventually brings us to a point where we realise this and then the next thing is to befriend your Creation. This can easily be achieved by nurturing attitudes of; friendliness, harmless, virtue, peace, wisdom, health, empathy, compassion, and a desire to offer a healthy and useful service to yourself in the many.

What is the Creation made of?

The Creation is made from the imagination/mind of God/True Self. As proved by Quantum Physics, there is no such thing as solid matter, solid matter is an experience that is only experienced through the sensory instruments (in this case sense of touch) of the experiencer, eg; the human form.

John Hagelin Phd beautifully explains the underlying nature of the Creation in the following video clip:

MODERN SCIENCE AND THE CREATION: Variety within the Unified Field

Part 1

Part 2

The interaction of the seven chakras with the creation

How do we, as souls incarnate, interact with the Creation and are there hidden (not readily obvious) ways of interacting with the Creation? By working with our seven chakras we can interact with the Creation so as to sustain and heal ourselves without the need of externals. Healers work with their chakras and the chakras of their patients by opening their chakras to the healing energy that is within the Creation, eg: Reiki. Advanced Yogis can sustain their body and the bodies of others (Jesus, the fishes and loaves) in full health, nutrition, and vitality simply by using the same process of opening their chakras to receive life-giving energy.

HELM Healing and Re-Vitalising Exercises

HELM has created Healing and Re-Vitalising Exercises that we can use to open and receive healing and life-giving sustainence from the Creation.


Centered in The One, Eternal, Immortal, and Mysterious Self
Awake in the dream of variety
Unafraid of the illusion of life and death
The LoveWisdomGoodness of spiritual qualities brings magic and makes the dream special
Unattached to the dream
Knowing that all multiplicity and variety
Is an imaginative expression of the one, eternal, indestructible, mysterious The One, Eternal, Immortal, and Mysterious Self



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