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Eternal:Total:Whole:Complete:Deepest Identity:Perfect:Eternal Mystery
The rest of existence that is outside of The Creation

The Individual is not the Self. The Self is the Eternal Mystery of The Totality of Existence

Note on the correct use of the word "yoga"

The sanskrit word "YOGA" does not mean the types of practice ("sadhana") that we actively engage in when we say we are "doing yoga", it actually refers to this union - reunion - of the individual with The Totality of All. Let us respect the tradition and learn to use the correct terminology. Please try to use the sanskrit words properly:

Thus, YOGA is the goal and SADHANA is the vehicle we use to get there!

The all inclusive total Self

The seventh chakra is not actually on top of your head. Unlike the other six chakras, it is really an icon that represents the understanding and experience of Self Realization (Enlightenment).

There is but one Self and that is the One Eternal, Immortal, Magical, and Mysterious Being - The Totality of All Existence

"That (the Source/God/Real Self) is fullness, this (the Creation) is fullness. Fullness comes from fullness. If fullness is taken from fullness, fullness still remains." - Yajurveda, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 5:1

We can exchange the word "God" for "The Real Self - The Eternal Totality of Existence", as the deepest identity of all life is the One Eternal, Mysterious, Immortal Totality of Existence.

Unity, Fullness, Wholeness, Totality, Eternity, and Immortality is the reality of the Real Self. Understanding the ultimate unity of all is not an attempt to explain away the magic and miracle of life. Please remember this while we delve into the subject of "The Unity of All Life" and our inter-relationship with it all...

We often ask the question; "If there is a loving God then why is the world in such a horrible mess?" The answer is simply that many of us don't listen to the wisdom that the spirit of life is trying to communicate to us. If we would allow ourselves to listen and act upon this message of love, wisdom, goodness, peace, and prosperity for all then we can quickly realise that this world would reflect this message. As the wise inform us "As within, so without" - the external world mirrors the internal world of the hearts and minds of the souls that live on it.

A short message from the Spirit of all Life:

Hello dear and beloved soul
I am all life
All possibilities
I am eternal and indestructable
You cannot kill Me
You can try to destroy yourselves and a planet
But you cannot kill Me
I eternally exist and my life-forms eternally arise within Me
Throughout all universes
I am the living reality
The Source and Substance of All that lives
Unborn, undying, immortal, indestructable, eternal Life
I am all that can be
And I create life again and again
That is my will and power
I am life, all universes, and all possibilites
You, dear soul, are an eternal part of Me
So do not fear or worry about destruction nor death
Humanity may destroy itself and this planet
Yet all souls will be reborn in circumstances reflecting their previous attitudes and actions (karma)
And abundant planets I create for you to live and grow
Such is my will and power
Thanks for listening!

The aim of section seven is to give us a sense and perception of the universality of The Vast Existence that lives outside and beyond the lifespan of the physical body and to realise our essential Unity and Identity with It.

There is only One Self; the total, indivisible, true and absolute Individual (the one that cannot be divided). All universes, worlds, and individuals are aspects, expressions, and experiences of the One, Total Self. It is the Totality of All that is the real, indivisible, and permanent identity of the self. We may ask the question "Who am I?" and the answer is that deep down, at the deepest level, we are the Totality of Existence - the Real and Permanent Self.

Whatsoever is the nature of the Self, it is the all inclusive Totality of Existence. Whatsoever exists is the Self. The all inclusive Self is thus everything that can and does exist. This is realizing and perceiving the Universal Self within all things - the Source and Substance of all things. This realization releases the Self from attachment to the individual and assists the individual and the universal to become as one. We realize that all diverse and various phenomena are expressions of the Universal Self and that all sentient creatures are the Self disguised as a variety of many.

You and I and all living beings are unique, incredible, and legendary characters that are created, maintained, and changed by the legendary and mysterious Totality of Existence. Every individual that tunes into and becomes more intimately associated with the Totality begins to unify and synergise closely with It. The more we tune into the Total Self the more understanding we have of it and we begin to realise and feel this legendary, eternal, beautiful, universal, immortal good stuff that is the very source and substance of all things and the very nature of the Real, Absolute, and Total Self.

All things that happen do so within the Totality, there is never a time or place of separation from the Totality and the Totality of Everything is the deepest Real and Permanent identity of all individuals. There is no separation from the eternal and immortal Totality of All - The Real, Permanent, and Total Self.

The seeking individual asks "WHO AM I?" and the eventually realises "I AM THAT" - the "I" of all is the eternal and immortal Absolute Totality of All. It simply IS and is in a permenant state of absolute Being - "I AM".

The transcendental experience

By considering the subject and meditating deeply upon it, the individual can transcend identification with the body and mind and become "as one" with the Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Totality of Existence. The only real, true, and permanent identity of All.

This experience can be had by following the Eight Limbs of Yoga that are designed for this purpose.

Breakdown of the Self

There is but One Self - the Creator and the Creation. The Creator experiencing Its own dreamlike Creation, a surreal dream with no ultimate purpose. For the One Self there is neither birth nor death as these are just experiences occuring within Its own Creation. The One Self is thus the One True Experiencer of All, existing at all levels of experience:

We find this truth repeated in spiritual texts.

The Bhagavad Gita: Chapter VII

I make and I unmake this Universe:
Than me there is no other Master, Prince!
No other Maker! All these hang on me
As hangs a row of pearls upon its string.
I am the fresh taste of the water;
I am the silver of the moon, the gold o' the sun,
The word of worship in the Veds, the thrill
That passeth in the ether, and the strength
Blind are the eyes
Which deem the Unmanifested manifest,
Not comprehending Me in my true Self!
Imperishable, viewless, undeclared,
Hidden behind my magic veil of shows (the Creation/Shakti),
I am not seen by all; I am not known
Unborn and changeless,
But I, Arjuna! know all things which were,
And all which are, and all which are to be
Knoweth Me, as I am, the very Truth.

The Bhagavad Gita: Chapter VII

Earth, water, flame, air, ether, life, and mind,
And individuality -- those eight
Make up the showing of Me, Manifest.


7. A part of my (universal) Self, which is eternal, comes down to this world and attracts nature's qualities. The mind and senses are animated by the individual soul (jiva) which is a part of Me. Thus, I (God as an individual soul), move about and perceive in this world of nature.

8. The true Self, who is the Lord of All, enters and leaves a physical body as an individual soul; when s/he goes on, s/he takes with him the mental and sense capacities (of the individual soul - karma).

A small portion of God, manifests itself as the individual souls, and then expresses itself through the body, senses, mind, world, and Creation.

There is nothing but God.

The Bhagavad Gita: Chapter X

I am the Spirit seated deep in every creature's heart;
From Me they come; by Me they live; at My word they depart!

Identify with the Totality and experience the individual.

The Real Self is the eternal Totality of Existence - the Eternal All. All manifestations of vad

Many souls believe the Self to be the individual, but the individual is a phenomenon that occurs as part of the of the creative, variety aspect of the Self.

The Totality was here before we - the individuals within The Creation - appeared, has been here whilst we have been living, and will be here after the physical body has expired. So what is the True Self? The tiny appearance of an individual or the entirety of the eternal Totality of All? The True Self is the Totality and the individual is a temporary experience.

It is the mis-identification (attachment) of the Totality with the individual that is the root of all unnecessary suffering relating to the experiences of birth, living, and death. The True Self is neither born nor dies. The True Self experiences all diverse and various phenomena via Its dreamlike Creative Aspect (the Creation, Shakti, the Imagination of God) and it can experience what-so-ever it is capable of as many times as it wants. We, the individuals, and our habitats are dreamlike experiences in the mind of God - the True Self.

The individual soul

The individual soul that we are is a definite individual entity - a being that is not restricted in lifespan by lifespan of the current physical body that we find ourselves within!

The soul performs actions that have consequences which will be experienced if not in this lifetime then in future ones. This is the truth of each soul's action and consequence - the law of karma.

By being good - in intent, action, thought, and emotion - then the soul grows closer to God and eventually there is a meeting of the two. This is when we understand that "My Father and I are at one" - there is such a good and peaceful relationship between the soul and God that there is a blissful communion between each other and a melting of boundaries between the two. Very much in the same way as when we experience an "at one ness" with our romantic partner - a blending of two souls and a melting of boundaries between the two.

The individual has four layers that we need to understand so that we can change our identification from the individual to the True Self:

  • The physical body
  • The emotional layer
  • The mental layer
  • The soul layer

The non-physical soul is still a part of the Totality, is an experience of the Totality, as there is nothing but the Totality! So we can quickly realise that all aspects and experiences of the individual are part of the Totality - there is nothing seperate from It as there is nothing but the One Totality of All.

By releasing ultimate attachment to the individual we realise our One True Identity that is The Eternal, Mysterious Totality of All. All experiences of variety, multiplicity, and diversity are dreamlike phenomena that occur in "The Mind of The Real Self." Just as the individual dreams and believes those dreams to be real, so too, The True Self - The Totality of All - has an imaginative aspect that we can call "The Mind of The True Self" or "The Mind of God." It is within this "Mind" that all experiences of variety, multiplicity, and diversity occur. The experiencer and the experience are part of the same Oneness that is the Eternal, Mysterious Totality of All - the True Self, the Real MySelf.

The spiritually correct way to live is with reverence to life, nature (the source and maintainer of life on Earth), and - if you are at all spiritually minded - to God. Reverence for life is an attitude that we nurture in which we consider and treat life with profound awe, care, respect, wisdom, and love. To live life with reverence involves taking time to learn how life on Earth works (ecology) and how we can all help it to flourish. Reverence and LoveWidomGoodnessPeace are the correct attitudes that we nurture and they become the way in which we relate to ourself, others, and the environment. Reverence and love for life and God is the spiritually correct way for us to live.


  1. God-Creation-Soul Paradigm
  2. Scientific Energy/Matter Universe Paradigm
  3. Mystery Paradigm

A little human experience within the vast, eternal, Totality of Existence that is the Self.

Transcendent means to go beyond our identification with the body and mind. Paradigm means a definite view of life. Here are two transcendent paradigms; the spiritual and the scientific. My aim is to show that the three paradigms named above ultimately lead the individual into a liberated union with "the unknowable mystery of the Totality of Existence" and to realize that this is the ultimate identity of our self and all life - the very deepest identity of Self.

In the same way that "the potter is not the pot", the Beyond (the mysterious Totality of Existence) is not restricted to the lifetime of any individual and all instances of individuals arise out of the Beyond. Thus, it is preferable to identify with the Beyond and experience the individual.

The Beyond, the eternal Life from where all various things arise and return. Our little lifetime like a small soap bubble in the infinite Ocean of the Beyond. We do not know the nature of this Ocean, we can only wonder at it, marvel at it, and acknowledge it as the source and substance of all possible experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity, of which we are a small part of.

Personally, I feel that it is wiser to not conclude nor summarize upon the nature of "the Beyond" - The Totality of Existence. Whatever "the Beyond" is, it is a phenomenon that is not limited to the lifespan of any individual living creature. The Beyond is the undying, eternal, immortal source of All. It is the Beyond that also experiences all mortal creatures and all sentient and conscious beings and events. The Beyond is the All and All is One - the Eternal, Unknowable Mystery.

Thus, the real Self is the mysterious, all inclusive, Totality of Existence.

Eternal, indestructable, incomprehensible, unknowable, a complete mystery, inscrutable, and the All Inclusive Totality of Everything.

It cannot be known nor explained for Its Being is unknowable, unexplainable, and is an ultimate mystery - even unto Itself. It can, however, by experienced as the mysterious All, The Totality of Existence, the One Real Self; unborn, undying, eternal, and indestructable.

The spiritually correct way to live is with reverence to life, nature (the source and maintainer of life on Earth), and - if you are at all spiritually minded - to God (The Total Self). Reverence for life is an attitude that we nurture in which we consider and treat life with profound awe, care, respect, wisdom, and love. To live life with reverence involves taking time to learn how life on Earth works (ecology) and how we can all help it to flourish. Reverence and LoveWidomGoodnessPeace are the correct attitudes that we nurture and they become the way in which we relate to ourself, others, and the environment. Reverence and love for life and God is the spiritually correct way for us to live.


Three Possible identities beyond the life of the individual:

Identity as the Soul

If the deepest identity of the individual is the soul, then the real individual is not the human body/brain individual. If the individual is the soul then the whole process of the universe and of life is the will of God and thus there is no need to worry about it. What happens must happen for deep and meaningful reasons that only God understands and we are to live in full acceptance that we are heading towards better things through a process of learning from this life on earth. In the soul paradigm, the individual soul is not the body/brain experience and leaves the body at the time of its expiration to go onto other experiences in other types of bodies. The soul must be created by God, thus the soul is part of God, and thus Life, the Universe, and Everthing - all possible expressions of The Creation - is all about God - the individual soul being some part of God's creative ability and will. Soul and Creation are already within God, so we are all within God now and have always been.

Identity as God (The One Eternal True Self)

If the deepest identity of the individual is God, then God is playing some game with Itself and thus there is no need to worry about life or be attached to the individual and its life, for all life on earth and in the universe must be part of Gods experience, and God - being eternal, immortal, and the creator of all - will not suffer any loss due to the experiences in any of Its Creations - creatures, planets, universes, phenomena.

Identity as the Universe

If the deepest identity of the individual is the Universe and sentient lifeforms occur due to the eternal energetic changes of the Universe that produce solar systems and habitable planets, then there is no need to worry or be attached to life as all life is an experience of the mysterious universe, and biological sentient creatures and their planetary environments will periodically appear and disappear due to the energy/matter dynamic of the Universe.

God or no-god, soul or no-soul, life is the way it is and we need to learn to attend to it with consideration, love, and care.

And then there is the Tao...



We are a growing, discovering, learning, evolving soul, not limited to the lifespan of a physical body. The entire manifest Universe of variety, diversity, and multiplicity - including all souls - is intelligently and lovingly created by the One Totality of All Existence (God, Tao, Buddha) that is ultimately the true identity of all souls.

To all souls currently having this human experience on Planet Earth...

Your LoveWisdomGoodness is needed and required for the world to work properly. The world will not work properly until all souls discover and express the LoveWisdomGoodness in our heart and mind. There is no moving on to better or different experiences until we learn to live the human experience properly - in the mode of LoveWisdomGoodness."

This is the spiritual duty and work of each soul. You can achieve this by following the HELM Study Guide.

"Identification with the mortal and finite is the root cause of humanity's pain, misery, depression, search for meaning, madness, and suffering. All variety that arises out of Existence may appear again. This is entirely in the hands of the creator - whatever that is. However many times variety and multiplicity occurs, identifying with anything less than the infinite and eternal source of all (God), will always cause some form of distress and suffering in the heart and mind of the individual. The real Self is the All, not just the manifested variety, or the body and mind, but also the immortal, mysterious, and vaster Existence itself.

I, The Totality of Existence, am currently having a human experience. It will pass, but my eternal, immortal, mysterious Self will always remain."

The little soul - the little wave - asks "Who am I?" and the answer is "Ultimately at the deepest level of your existence you are the infinite, eternal, and mysterious Totality of All - the Eternal Ocean - Creator and Experiencer of All."





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