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The Eternal Immortal Total Real Self

The Source and Substance of All Creation - The One in All and The All in One
The True Identity of All - The Only Real Reality

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Realize the True Self - The Eternal, Complete, Totality of Existence/The True Self
The deepest identity of All, The Real and Eternal Self


God is a noun, a word label that refers to a thing. In this case, the word God is refering to the Eternal, Unborn, Undying, Totality of Existence - The Eternal All/The True Self - All experiences of manifest creations and the unmanifest mystery. You can replace the noun "God" with whatever you choose. For conventions sake I shall use the noun "God" but I may also use the phrases: "Self", "Real Self", "True Self", etc..


The Real Self is the whole show: The Absolute, unmanifest states and the Creation - the area of the Self where all variety, diversity, and multiplicity (as individual souls/the experience of individuality) occurs.

This is Enlightenment - Self Realization
Be not afraid.
Life, the Universe, and Everything
The Eternal All is One
That Eternal Oneness of It All
Is the true, deepest, and permanent identity
Of all individuals
Total, Eternal, Whole, Complete
An Eternal and unsolveable Mystery
This is the true and permanent identity of All

Now you know and you realize

Breakdown of the Self

There is but One Self - the Creator and the Creation. The Creator experiencing Its own dreamlike Creation, a surreal dream with no ultimate purpose. For the One Self there is neither birth nor death as these are just experiences occuring within Its own Creation. The One Self is thus the One True Experiencer of All, existing at all levels of experience:

The One Eternal Immortal Self is:

  • The absolute, eternal, entirety and mysterious Totality of Existence: Perfect, Whole, Total, Absolute, and Complete
  • The true, real, and deepest identity of all the individual souls - the True and Everlasting Self.
  • The entirety of all manifest phenomena of variety, diversity, and multiplicity (the Creation/Shakti)
  • All that can possibly exist, all there is, all that can ever be, there is nothing but The One Eternal Immortal Self - The Eternal Totality

The One Eternal Immortal Self, the Creation, and all souls eternally exist. All experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity are eternally recreatable and repeatable phenomena. You and I, this world, this moment, and this Universe exist as an eternally repeatable and available experience that is an eternal part of The One Eternal Immortal Self - The Eternal, Total Reality.

The only thing that shadows and prevents this realisation as a real and living experience is spiritual (or "transcendent") ignorance and the arising experience of egoism that is the experience of painfully confused separation from the Eternal Truth of Existence. The path out of this ignorance is through study and consideration of this subject. This is the ultimate purpose of the HELM website. I hope you find it useful.


Q: Nan Yar? (Who am I?)

A: Neti, Neti. Aham Brahman Asmi! (Not the individual, Not the Creation. The Eternal, Immortal Self, That is the nature of I).

Try the identity switch below to get a feel for this Self-Realization (Enlightenment)

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Our deepest, highest, immortal, and permanent identity is The One Real Self (God). The Creation is the Imagination (Mind) of The True Self. The entire Creation is within The One Real Self, but what is the nature of The Real Self?

It is:

  • Blissful and Beautiful
  • Absolute Consciousness and Awareness
  • Omniscient: All intelligence
  • Omnipotent: All powerful
  • Omnipresent: Everywhere (as The Creation is within It)
  • Omnibenevolent: All Good, All Virtue
  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • All good qualities
  • The Source, Substance, and Experiencer of The Creation
  • Ultimate Mystery

By the process of purification of the individual and meditating upon The Self, the individual soul becomes Enlightened, there is an easy union of the individual with The Self. We could say that the individual simply finds, becomes re-connected with, The Real Self. The individual loses nothing but the dross of ignorance, egotism, and vice, and simply becomes unified with that which was temporarily lost. It is an experience of coming home, a realization of "of course!, how simple", the individual finds its deepest, highest, permanent, and Real Self.

Absolute Consciousness and Absolute unconsciousness

Outside of The Creation, that tiny, limited area of the Self that is the mind/creative imagination of the Self, there we find the absolute qualities of Existence/True Self.

Chakra Yoga: The Totality of Existence Explained

The Totality of Self (Existence) Explained!

In the above image, we can easily see the entirety of existence explained, although the fact that anything exists at all is the cherry on the cake, the ultimate mystery that is Existence. As souls incarnate within The Creation, we usually identify The Self with the current physical body that we are experiencing, whereas in reality, the Self is The Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Totality of Existence that includes:

  • The Creation: the place of all variety, diversity, multiplicity, souls (their karma and lives).
  • The Absolute State of Consciousness: self awareness as truth(sat)-consciousness(cit)-ananda(bliss) (satchidananda/siva/purusha) and the creative capacity (imagination/unmanifest Shakti) that creates The Creation (Shakti manifest)
  • The Absolute State of Unconsciousness: Nirvana - the complete extinguishment of self-awareness, thus nothing can be said about this part of The Self apart from it is like deep, dreamless sleep - a state of abolute unconsciousness.

Both The Absolute State of Consciousness (satchidananda) and The Absolute State of Unconsciousness (Nirvana) eternally exist, whereas The Creation periodically (due to the desire of Satchidananda to experience multiplicity) is created and then, after centrillions of years, is reabsorbed back into it's primal state but exists as a possibility in the creative imagination of the Absolute. The Creation can always be created and recreated whenever the desire for multiplicity arises within Satchidananda, thus the Creation exists as an eternally recreatable phenomenon within the Absolute states of The Real Self.


When an enlightened soul says "I am That", then they have achieved union with the Totality of Existence. They know and experience the reality of The Self as the Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Totality of Existence. This achievement is not so difficult and just requires considering the ideas you are currently studying within section seven of the HELM site, and meditating deeply upon the reality of The Self as the Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Totality of Existence. Is this really so difficult? It appears odd to begin with, but the more you study and meditate on the matter, you will understand the logic and truth of the matter and in time you will make the realization our own. You will become enlightened.

Chakra Yoga: The Totality of Existence Explained

Statue showing an enlightened being, in his left hand he holds the Creation meaning that the individual soul has realized it's Eternal and Absolute Nature outside of the Creation - the Creation is something that is happening within the Eternal Self

The Real Self/God and The Creation

"The Universal Self who is the Source, Substance, Center, and Experiencer of the entire Creation."

Everything is the Universal Self - even the shadow of doubt concerning the reality of The Universal Self is still part of The Universal Self. Finer than sound, light, or thought, the absolute nature of the Universal Self is pure, unalloyed bliss and peace. The experience of the absolute nature of the Universal Self is the annihilation of the subject/object experience - there is no subject or object and no variety, diversity, or multiplicity.

It's another word for 'God' - the noun 'God' being a word label that we use to label "The Universal Self that is Everything." Not a dim and distant being, not something separate and removed from the experience of variety and multiplicity, but the everpresent, vibrant, enjoying experiencer of the entire Universe. It is the Universal Self that is the universal center of all things, all creatures, and all experiences. There is no separation between the Universal Self and the experience of variety and multiplicity. The multiplicity is an imaginative emanation - a dream - appearing to the Universal Self. The dream is all the multiplicity and the dreamer is the one, universal Self that is the identity of the entire dream. The true identity and center of all sentient beings is the one, universal Self - the dreamer of the whole multiplicity dream of the multitudes of Creations and all characters, souls, and events that take place.

The Universal Self (Siva/God) and the dreamlike Creation (Shakti) experience of variety, diverisity, and multiplicity

The body and brain, mind, world-stage-characters (souls), events, dramas, and all multitude of experiences are Siva's dreamlike experiences and they are not to be taken personally by the character that is being experienced.

Everything is the will and imagination of the Universal Self. The whole Universe is God's experience and we just play our little parts in the big picture. When we forget about the shared universal self and unified center of all existence, then we lose the enlightened perspective and experience of life. The Universal Self forgets about its eternal and infinite nature due to delusionary misidentification with the experiences of the body/brain/character and Universe. This shadow of delusion that appears to the Universal Self is called "Avidya" - forgetfulness and ignorance of the It's own real nature. It is this "Avidya" that is removed by study (sadhana) and experience (Yoga/Samadhi) into the nature of the Universal Self. This sadhana is just a process of remembering the real nature of Self - eternal, infinite, all powerful, all imaginative, and the true experiencer of all possible variety, diversity, and multiplicity.

Time, space, energy, matter, and all variety are emanations from the Self, they are imaginative and creative expressions of the Universal Self. So nothing is ever gained or lost by the experience of multiplicity and variety. Although this fullness (the relative creative universe/prakriti/shakti) comes from That fullness (the Absolute/Universal Self/Purusha/Siva), That fullness remains infinite.

God wanted to experience multiplicity, diversity, and variety of experience so He thought up the Universe and has populated it with multitudes of experiences for Himself. It is all God's experience and is created on the "what if I do this?" attitude. Whatever is happening is temporary and we must not take it personally. All life is God's movie and that is the truth of the matter.

The whole universe is God's experience of variety and God does not necessarily know the outcome of some of His ideas, but it is God's will to do all things and experience all things that He wants to. So, it is God that is experiencing the idea of the world through the bodies and brains of all the creatures and we must summarize that God has an infinite imaginative power to do anything that It wants.

So, it is God that is dreaming, imagining, investigating, and experiencing all diverse and various phenomenon in all the Universes that He can imagine.

We, the children of the almighty, are dutiful bound to serve God's will and His desires some of which are made manifest in the World and it's experiences. So, it is God that works through everything for His own experience. Sometimes God is having experiences but sometimes He is remembering Himself and becomes all blissfully loving towards His creation and all creatures within it. But, as said, God sometimes is very absorbed in His experiencing of all His own multiplicity and diversity and forgets His loving nature towards the world and it's creatures.

When God is in the mode of full absorption into the experiences of the world and universe then He is temporarily forgetting Himself as the Lord of it all. He does this so that He can be completely absorbed into this experience of multiplicity and variety and avoid this experience from being tainted by any concept of Himself outside of the experiences and characters. As said, this is done on purpose by God, to give Him 100% absorption into the experience.

God also creates many people and techniques to remember Himself when the experiences of variety get a bit intense. So, He has created religion, spiritual teachers, books, media, priests and swamis, and other things to remind Him of what He really is. Then after a while He becomes interested in various and diverse experiences and dreams up and gets all involved in His creation.

Our duty is to serve God and the Creation with love, wisdom, beauty, health and happiness. To remember at all times that this is God's world and God's Universe and it is all for God's enjoyment and experience.



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