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The individual as a soul, being of a spiritual nature, is NOT IN THE PHYSICAL BODY, but resides outside of the physical body within a layer called "The Subtle Energy Body" (the Aura), within the heart chakra, and experiences the physical body through the nervous system, brain, and output to the soul via the subtle energy body.

The gifts of purification, healing, and self-sustaining (amoungst other functions of the subtle energy body) are not accessible UNTIL THE HEART CHAKRA IS PURIFIED, HEALED, AND FUNCTIONING (with wisdom and appropriateness to the circumstance). This is the "fail safe" lock that has been put into the subtle energy body by the intelligence inherent within The Creation. In Santana Dharma (Authentic Indian Yoga), this intelligence is called "Mahat" - cosmic spiritual intelligence inherent within The Creation.

The Human Subtle Energy Field

The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of The Universal Energy Field (UEF - Shakti/Quantum Energy Field) that is intimately involved with human life. It can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, emits its own characteristic radiation and is usually called the «aura». The aura is that part of the UEF associated with objects.

The human aura, or Human Energy Field (HEF), is that part of the UEF associated with the human body. Based on their observations, researchers have created theoretical models that divide the aura into several layers.

These layers are sometimes called bodies, and they interpenetrate and surround each other in successive layers. Each succeeding body is composed of finer substances and higher «vibrations» than the body that it surrounds and interpenetrates.

The Anatomy of the Aura.

There are many systems that people have created from their observations to define the auric field. All these systems divide the aura into layers and define the layers by locations, color, brightness, form, density, fluidity and function. Each system is geared to the kind of work the individual is «doing» with the aura.

The two systems most similar to mine are the ones used by Jack Schwarz, which has more than seven layers and is described in his book, Human Energy Systems, and the system used by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center in Glendale, California. Her system is a sevenlayer system, and is described in her book, Wheels of Light, A Study of the chakras.

The Seven Layers of the Auric Field.

I have observed seven layers during my work as a counselor and a healer. At first I could only see the lower layers, which are the most dense and easiest to see. The longer I worked, the more layers I could perceive. The higher the layer, the more expanded my consciousness needed to be to perceive it. That is, in order to perceive the higher layers, like the fifth, sixth and seventh, I would have to enter into a meditative state, usually with eyes closed. After years of practice, I even began to see beyond the seventh layer, as I will discuss briefly at the end of this chapter.

My observations of the aura revealed to me an interesting dualistic field pattern. Every other layer of the field is highly structured, like standing waves of light patterns, while the layers inbetween appear to be composed of colored fluids in constant motion. These fluids flow through the form set by the shimmering standing light waves. The direction of flow is somewhat governed by the standing light form, since the fluid flows along the standing lines of light. The standing forms of light are themselves scintillating, as if they are composed of strings of many tiny, rapidly blinking lights, each blinking at a different rate.

These standing light lines appear to have tiny charges moving along them. Thus, the first, third, fifth and seventh layers all have a definite structure, while the second, fourth and sixth are composed of fluid-like substances that have no particular structure. They take on form by virtue of the fact that they flow through the structure of the odd layers, and thus somewhat take on the form of the structured layers. Each succeeding layer interpenetrates completely all the layers under it, including the physical body. Thus the emotional body extends beyond the etheric body and includes both the etheric and physical bodies.

Actually, each body is not a «layer» at all, although that is what we may perceive. It is, rather, a more expansive version of our self that carries within it the other, more limited forms. From the point of view of the scientist, each layer can be considered to be a level of higher vibrations, occupying the same space as the levels of vibration below it and extending beyond. In order to perceive each consecutive level, the observer must move up in consciousness to each new frequency level. Thus we have seven bodies all occupying the same space at the same time, each one extending out beyond the last, something we are not used to in «normal» daily life.

Many people erroneously assume that the aura is like an onion, where you can peel away consecutive layers. It is not. The structured layers contain all the forms that the physical body has, including internal organs, blood vessels, etc., and addtional forms that the physical body does not contain. There is a vertical flow of energy that pulsates up and down the field in the spinal cord. It extends out beyond the physical body above the head and below the coccyx. I call this the main vertical power current. There are swirling cone-shaped vortexes called chakras in the field. Their tips point into the main vertical power current, and their open ends extend to the edge of each layer of the field they are located in.

The Seven Layers and the Seven chakras of the Auric Field.

Each layer appears different and has its own particular function. Each layer of the aura is associated with a chakra. That is, the first layer is associated with the first chakra, and the second with the second chakra, and so on. These are general concepts and will get much more complicated as we delve more deeply into this subject. For now we will list them to give you a general overall view. The first layer of the field and the first chakra are associated with physical functioning and physical sensation — feeling physical pain or pleasure.

  1. The first layer is associated with automatic and autonomic functioning of the body.

  2. The second layer and second chakra are in general associated with the emotional aspect of human beings. They are the vehicles through which we have our emotional life and feelings. The third layer is associated with our mental life, with linear thinking.

  3. The third chakra is associated with linear thinking.

  4. The fourth level, associated with the heart chakra, is the vehicle through which we love, not only our mates, but also humanity in general. The fourth chakra is the chakra that metabolizes the energy of love.

  5. The fifth level is the level associated with a higher will more connected with the divine will. The fifth chakra is associated with the power of the word, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions.

  6. The sixth level and sixth chakra are associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life. It makes the statement of caring and support for the protection and nurturing of all life. It holds all life forms as precious manifestations of God.

  7. The seventh layer and seventh chakra are associated with the higher mind, knowing and integration of our spiritual and physical makeup.

Thus there are specific locations within our energy system for the sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories and other nonphysical experiences that we report to our doctors and therapists. Understanding how our physical symptoms are related to these locations will help us understand the nature of different illnesses and also the nature of both health and disease.

Thus the study of the aura can be a bridge between traditional medicine and our psychological concerns.

Location of the Seven chakras.

The location of the seven major chakras on the physical body shown in Figure A below corresponds to the major nerve plexuses of the physical body in that area of the body.

Dr. David Tansely, a radionics specialist, in his book Radionics and the Subtle Bodies of Man, states that the seven major chakras are formed at the points where the standing lines of light cross each other 21 times.

The 21 minor chakras are located at points where the energy strands cross 14 times. (See Figure B above) They are in the following locations: one in front of each ear, one above each breast, one where the clavicles meet, one in the palm of each hand, one on the sole of each foot, one just behind each eye (not shown), one related to each gonad, one near the liver, one connected with the stomach, two connected with the spleen, one behind each knee, one near the thymus gland, and one near the Solar Plexus. These chakras are only about three inches in diameter at one inch distance from the body. The two minor chakras located in the palms are very important in healing. Where the lines of energy cross seven times, even smaller vortices are created. There are many tiny force centers where these lines cross fewer times. Tansely says that these tiny vortices may very well correspond to the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

Each major chakra on the front of the body is paired with its counterpart on the back of the body, and together they are considered to be the front and rear aspect of one chakra. The frontal aspects are related to the person's feelings, the rear ones to her or his will, and the three on the head to a person's mental processes. These are shown in the figure below. Thus chakra #2 has a 2A and 2B component, and #3 has a 3A and 3B component, and so on through the sixth chakra. chakras 1 and 7 may be considered to be paired if one wishes, because they are the open-ended points of the main vertical power current that runs up and down the spine into which all the chakras point.

The Seven Major chakras, Front and Back Views (Diagnostic View) The points or tips of the chakras, where they connect to the main power current, are called the roots or the hearts of the chakras. Within these hearts are seals which control exchange of energy between layers of the aura through that chakra. That is, each of the seven chakras has seven layers, each corresponding to a layer of the auric field. Each chakra looks different on each of these layers, as will be described in detail in the descriptions of each layer. In order for certain energy to flow from one layer to another through the chakra, it must pass through the seals in the roots of the chakras. The figure below shows the auric field with all seven interpenetrating layers, and all seven interpenetrating layers of chakras.

Energy can be seen flowing into all of these chakras from the Universal Energy Field. Each swirling vortex of energy appears to suck or entrain energy from the UEF. They appear to function as do fluid vortexes we are familiar with in water or in air such as whirlpools, cyclones, water spouts and hurricanes. The open end of a normal chakra in the first layer of the aura is about six inches in diameter at a distance of one inch from the body.

The Function of the Seven chakras.

Each of these vortices exchanges energy with the UEF. Thus, when we speak of feeling «open», that is literally true. All the major chakras, minor chakras, lesser chakras and acupuncture points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. We are like sponges in the energy sea around us. Since this energy is always associated with a form of consciousness, we experience the energy we exchange in terms of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, intuiting or direct knowing.

Therefore, we can see that staying «open» means two things. First, it means metabolizing a lot of energy from the universal field through all the chakras, large and small. Second, it means letting in, and in some way dealing with, all the consciousness that is associated with the energy that is flowing through us. That is not an easy task, and most of us cannot do it. There would simply be too much input. Psychological material related to each chakra is brought to consciousness by increasing one's energy flow through that chakra. Too much psychological material would be released by a sudden flow of energy, and we could not process it all. We therefore work in whatever growth process we are in to open each chakra slowly, so that we have time to process the personal material that is released and integrate the new information into our life.

It is important to open the chakras and increase our energy flow, because the more energy we let flow, the healthier we are. Illness in the system is caused by an imbalance of energy or a blocking of the flow of energy. In other words, a lack of flow in the human energy system eventually leads to disease. It also distorts our perceptions and dampens our feelings and thus interferes with a smooth experience of full life. We are not psychologically prepared, however, to stay open without working and developing our maturity and clarity.

Each of the five senses is associated with a chakra. Touching is associated with the first chakra; hearing, smelling and tasting with the fifth (or throat) chakra; and seeing with the sixth (or third eye) chakra.

This is discussed in detail in the chapter on perception.

The chakras of the auric body have three major functions:

  1. To vitalize each auric body and, thus, the physical body.

  2. To bring about the development of different aspects of self-consciousness. Each chakra is related to a specific psychological function. Chapter 11 deals with psychological effects of opening specific chakras in the etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

  3. To transmit energy between the auric levels. Each auric layer has its own set of seven major chakras, each located in the same place on the physical body. Since each progressive layer exists in ever increasing octaves of frequency, this is possible. For example, for the fourth chakra, there are really seven chakras, each of a higher frequency band than the lower one. These chakras appear to be nested within each other like nesting glasses. Each chakra on each higher layer extends out farther in the auric field (to the edge of each auric layer) and is slightly broader than the one below it.

Energy is transmitted from one layer to the next through passageways in the tips of the chakras. In most people these passageways are sealed. They open as a result of spiritual purification work and thus the chakras become transmitters of energy from one layer to another. Each chakra in the etheric is directly connected to the same chakra in the next finer body that surrounds and interpenetrates it. The chakras in the emotional body are connected to those in the next finer body, the mental, etc., and so on for all seven layers.

In eastern esoteric literature, each of the chakras is seen as having a certain number of petals. On closer investigation, these petals appear to be small rotating vortices spinning at very high rates. Each vortex metabolizes an energy vibration that resonates at its particular spin frequency. The pelvic chakra, for example, has four small vortices and metabolizes four basic frequencies of energy, and so on for each of the other chakras. The colors observed in each chakra are related to the frequency of energy being metabolized at its particular rate.

7 Crown 972 Violet-White Pineal Upper brain,Right eye
6 Head 96 Indigo Pituitary Lower brain, Left eye, Ears
5 Throat 16 Blue Thyroid Bronchial and vocal aparatus, Lungs, Alimentary canal
4 Heart 12 Green Thymus Heart, Blood, Vagus nerve, Circulatory system
3 Solar Plexus 10 Yellow Pancreas Stomach, Liver, Gall bladder, Nervous system
2 Sacral 6 Orange Gonads Reproductive system
1 Base 4 Red Adrenals Spinal column, Kidneys

Since the chakras serve to vitalize the body, they are directly related to any pathology in the body. The figure above lists the seven major chakras along the spine with the area of the body each governs. Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland and major nerve plexus. The chakras absorb the universal or primary energy (ch'i, orgone, prana, etc.), break it up into component parts and then send it along energy rivers called nadis to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then the blood to nourish the body, as shown in the figure below:

The psychodynamic functioning of the chakras, which will be discussed in detail, relates mainly to the first three bodies of the aura, those associated with physical, mental and emotional interactions on the earth plane. For example, when one's heart chakra is functioning properly, one is very good at loving. When the first chakra is functioning healthfully, one usually has a strong will to live and is connected well to the ground. This is the person who is very grounded in his life. When someone's sixth and third chakras are functioning well, he will think clearly. If they are not functioning well, his thoughts will be confused.

The Etheric Body
(First Layer)

The etheric body (from «ether», the state between energy and matter) is composed of tiny energy lines «like a sparkling web of light beams» similar to the lines on a television screen. It has the same structure as the physical body including all the anatomical parts and all the organs.

The etheric body consists of a definite structure of lines of force, or energy matrix, upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored. The physical tissues exist as such only because of the vital field behind them; that is, the field is prior to, not a result of, the physical body. This relationship has been supported in the observations of plant growth by Dr. John Pierrakos and myself. Through the use of High Sense Perception, we observed that an energy field matrix in the shape of a leaf is projected by the plant prior to the growth of a leaf, and then the leaf grows into that already existing form.

The web-like structure of the etheric body is in constant motion. To clairvoyant vision, sparks of bluish-white light move along its energy lines throughout the entire dense physical body. The etheric body extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates about 15–20 cycles per minute.

The color of the etheric body varies from light blue to gray. The light blue color has been connected to a finer form than the gray. That is, a more sensitive person with a sensitive body will tend to have a bluish first layer, whereas a more athletic, robust type of person will tend to have a more grayish etheric body. All the chakras of this layer are the same color as the body. That is, they will also range between blue to gray in color. The chakras look like vortices made of a net of light, just like the rest of the etheric body. One can perceive all the organs of the physical body, but they are formed of this scintillating bluish light. As in the leaf's energy system, this etheric structure sets up the matrix for the cells to grow; i.e., the cells of the body grow along the lines of energy of the etheric matrix, and that matrix is there before the cells grow. If one were to isolate the etheric body and look only at it, it would look like a man or woman made of bluish lines of light in constant scintillation, rather like Spiderman.

By observing the shoulder of someone in dim light against a plain white or plain black or dark blue background, you may be able to see the pulsations of this etheric body. The pulsation rises, say at the shoulder, and then makes its way down the arm, like a wave. If you look more closely, there appears to be a blank space between the shoulder and the blue hazy light; then there is a layer of brighter blue haze that slowly fades as it extends from the body. But be aware that as soon as you see it, it will be gone, because it moves so fast. It will have pulsated down the arm by the time you take a second look to check yourself out. Try again. You will catch the next pulsation.

The Emotional Body
(Second Layer)

The second auric body, or next finer after the etheric body, is generally called the emotional body, and is associated with feelings. It roughly follows the outline of the physical body. Its structure is much more fluid than the etheric and does not duplicate the physical body.

Rather, it appears to be colored clouds of fine substance in continual fluid motion. It extends one to three inches from the body. This body interpenetrates the denser bodies that it surrounds. Its colors vary from brilliant clear hues to dark muddy ones, depending on the clarity or confusion of the feeling or energy that produces them. Clear and highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear; those feelings that are confused are dark and muddy. As these feelings become energized through personal interaction, body psychotherapy, etc., the colors separate out into their primary hue and brighten. Chapter 9 deals with this process.

This body contains all the colors of the rainbow. Each chakra looks like a vortex of a different color and follows the colors of the rainbow. The list below shows chakras of the emotional body and their colors.

  1. chakra 1 = red
  2. chakra 2 = red-orange
  3. chakra 3 = yellow
  4. chakra 4 = bright grass green
  5. chakra 5 = sky blue
  6. chakra 6 = indigo
  7. chakra 7 = white

Chapter 9 gives a number of observations on the emotional body during therapy sessions. In general, the body does appear to be blobs of color moving within the matrix of the etheric field and also extending beyond it a bit. At times a person may throw off color blobs of energy into the air around him. This is especially observable when someone is releasing feelings in a therapy session.

The Mental Body
(Third Layer)

The third aura body is the mental body. This body extends beyond the emotional and is composed of still finer substances, all of which are associated with thoughts and mental processes. This body usually appears as a bright yellow light radiating about the head and shoulders and extending around the whole body. It expands and becomes brighter when its owner is concentrating on mental processes. It extends from three to eight inches from the body.

The mental body is also a structured body. It contains the structure of our ideas. This body is mostly yellow. Within this field can be seen thought forms. They appear to be blobs of varying brightness and form. These thought forms have additional colors superimposed on them, actually emanating from the emotional level. The color represents the person's emotion that is connected to the thought form. The clearer and more well-formed the idea, the clearer and more well-formed is the thought form associated with that idea. We enhance these thought forms by focusing on the thoughts they represent. Habitual thoughts become very powerful «well formed» forces that then affect our lives.

This body has been the hardest for me to observe. This may be partly caused by the fact that human beings are really just beginning to develop the mental body and are just beginning to use their intellects in clear ways. For that reason we are very conscious of mental activity and consider ourselves an analytical society.

Beyond the Physical World

In the system I use for healing, the lower three auric layers are associated with and metabolize energies related to the physical world, and the upper three metabolize energies related to the spiritual world. The fourth layer or astral level, associated with the heart chakra, is the transforming crucible through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other. That is, the spiritual energy must pass through the fire of the heart to be transformed into the lower physical energies, and the physical energies (of the lower three auric layers) must pass through the transformative fire of the heart to become spiritual energies. In full spectrum healing, discussed in Chapter 22, we use the energies associated with all the layers and all the chakras and pass them through the heart, the center of love.

So far in this discussion, we have focused on the lower three layers. Most of the body psychotherapy I have seen in this country primarily utilizes only the lower three layers and the heart. As soon as one begins to examine the upper four layers of the auric field everything changes, because as soon as you open your perception to layers above the third you also begin to perceive people or beings who exist in those layers who do not have physical bodies. From my observations and those of other clairvoyants, there exist layers of reality or other «frequency bands» of reality beyond the physical. The upper four layers of the auric field correspond to four of those layers of reality. Again, I must reiterate that the discussion that follows is only an attempt at a system with which to explain observed phenomena; I'm sure in the future there will be better systems created. This one is useful to me.

In this figure I have in general associated the upper three chakras with the physical, emotional and mental functioning of the human being in her spiritual reality. That is because most of us only use that portion of ourselves in those limited types of functions. They are the higher will, the higher feelings of love and the higher knowing, where whole concepts are understood at once. The fourth layer is associated with love. That is the doorway through which we can enter into the other states of reality.

However, the picture is actually more complicated than that. Each of the layers above the third is an entire layer of reality with beings, forms and personal functions that go beyond what we normally call human. Each is an entire world in which we live and have our being. Most of us experience these realities during sleep but do not remember them. Some of us can go into those states of reality by expanding the consciousness through meditative techniques. These meditative techniques open the seals between the roots of the chakra layers and thus provide a doorway for consciousness to travel. For the following discussion, I will focus only on the description of the auric layers and their limited functions. Later on in this book there will be more discussions of the higher layers or «frequencies of reality».

The Astral Level
(Fourth Layer)

The astral body is amorphous and is composed of clouds of color more beautiful than those of the emotional body. The astral body tends to have the same set of colors, but they are usually infused with the rose light of love. It extends out about one half to one foot from the body. The chakras are the same octave of colors as the rainbow of the emotional body, but each is infused with the rose light of love. The heart chakra of a loving person is full of rose light on the astral level.

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of rose light can be seen between their hearts, and a beautiful rose color is added to the normal golden pulsations I observe in the pituitary gland. When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the chakras that connect them. These cords exist on many levels of the auric field in addition to the astral. The longer and deeper the relationship, the more cords and the stronger they are. When relationships end, those cords are torn, sometimes causing a great deal of pain. The period of «getting over» a relationship is usually a period of disconnecting those cords on the lower levels of the field and rerooting them within the self.

A great deal of interaction takes place between people on the astral level. Great blobs of color of various forms whisk across the room between people. Some of it is pleasant and some not so pleasant. You can feel the difference. You may feel uneasy about someone across the room who is apparently not even aware of your presence; however, on another level a lot is happening. I have seen people standing next to each other in a group pretending not to notice each other, when on the energy level there is a whole communication taking place with lots of energy forms moving between them. You have no doubt experienced this yourself, especially between men and women. It is not just body language; there is an actual energetic phenomenon that can be perceived. For example, when a man or woman fantasize about making love with someone, say in a bar or at a party, there is an actual testing in the energy fields to see if the fields are synchronous and if the people are compatible. More examples of this auric interaction phenomenon will be given in Chapter 9.

The Etheric Template Level
(Fifth Layer)

I call the fifth layer of the aura the etheric template because it contains all the forms that exist on the physical plane in a blueprint or template form. That is, it looks rather like the negative of a photograph. It is the template form for the etheric layer, which as was already stated is the template form for the physical body. The etheric layer of the energy field derives its structure from the etheric template layer. It is the blueprint or the perfect form for the etheric layer to take. It extends from about one and one half to two feet from the body. In disease, when the etheric layer becomes disfigured, etheric template work is needed to provide the support for the etheric layer in its original template form. It is the level at which sound creates matter. It is at this level that sounding in healing is the most effective. This will be discussed in Chapter 23 on healing. To my clairvoyant sight, these forms appear as clear or transparent lines on a cobalt blue background, much like an architect's blueprint, only this blueprint exists in another dimension. It is as if a form is made by completely filling in the background space, and the empty space left creates the form.

An example would be to compare how a sphere is created in Euclidian geometry to the way one is created in etheric space. In Euclidian geometry, to create a sphere one first defines a point. A radius drawn out from that point in all three dimensions will create the surface of a sphere. However, in etheric space, which one might call negative space, to form a sphere the opposite process takes place. An infinite number of planes comes from all directions and fill in all space, except for a spherical area of space left empty. This defines the sphere. It is the area not filled in by all the planes that meet each other that then defines an empty spherical space.

Thus, the etheric template level of the aura creates an empty or negative space in which the first or etheric level of the aura can exist. The etheric template is the template for the etheric body, which then forms the grid structure (structured energy field) upon which the physical body grows. Thus, the etheric template level of the universal energy field contains all the shapes and forms that exist on the physical plane, except on the template level. These forms exist in negative space, creating an empty space in which the etheric grid structure grows and upon which all physical manifestation exists.

By focusing on only the vibratory frequency of the fifth level when observing someone's field, one can isolate only the fifth layer of the aura. When I do this, I see the form of the person's auric field, which extends out to about two and a half feet from the individual. It looks like a narrow oval shape. It contains the entire structure of the field, including chakras, body organs and body form (limbs, etc.), all in negative form. All these structures appear to be formed from transparent lines on a dark blue background, which is solid space. When tuning into this level I also can perceive all other forms in my environment in this perspective. That seems to happen automatically when I switch my perceptual mechanism to this range. That is, my attention is first brought to the general fifth level; then I focus in on the particular person I am observing.

The Celestial Body
(Sixth Layer)

The sixth level is the emotional level of the spiritual plane, called the celestial body. It extends about two to two and three-quarter feet from the body. It is the level through which we experience spiritual ecstasy. We can reach it through meditation and many of the other forms of transformation work I have mentioned in this book. When we reach the point of «being» where we know our connection with all the universe, when we see the light and love in everything that exists, when we are immersed in the light and feel we are of it and it is of us and feel that we are one with God, then we have raised our consciousness to the sixth level of the aura.

Unconditional love flows when there is a connection between the open heart chakra and the open celestial chakra. In this connection, we combine the love of humanity, our basic human love for our fellow humans in the flesh, with the spiritual ecstasy found in the spiritual love that goes beyond the physical reality to all the realms of existence. Combining these two creates the experience of unconditional love.

The celestial body appears to me in beautiful shimmering light, composed mostly of pastel colors. This light has a gold-silver shine and opalescent quality, like mother of pearl sequins. Its form is less defined than the etheric template level in that it simply appears to be composed of light that radiates out from the body like the glow around a candle. Within this glow are also brighter, stronger beams of light.

The Ketheric Template
Causal Body
(Seventh Level)

The seventh level is the mental level of the spiritual plane called the ketheric template. It extends from about two and one half to three and one half feet from the body. When we bring our consciousness to the seventh level of the aura, we know that we are one with the Creator. The outer form is the egg shape of the aura body and contains all the auric bodies associated with the present incarnation an individual is undergoing. This body, too, is a highly structured template. It appears to my vision as composed of tiny threads of gold-silver light of very strong durability that hold the whole form of the aura together. It contains a golden grid structure of the physical body and all the chakras.

When «tuning» into the frequency level of the seventh layer, I perceive beautiful golden shimmering light that is pulsating so fast that I use the term «shimmering». It looks like thousands of golden threads. The golden egg form extends out beyond the body some three to three and a half feet depending on the person with the smaller tip beneath the feet and the larger end about three feet above the head. It can expand even more, if the person is very energetic. The outer edge actually looks like an eggshell to me; it appears to have a thickness of about a quarter to a half inch. This outer part of the seventh layer is very strong and resilient, resistant to penetration and protects the field just as an eggshell protects the chick. All the chakras and body forms appear to be made of golden light on this level. This is the strongest, most resilient level of the auric field.

It could be likened to a standing lightwave of intricate shape and form vibrating at an extremely high rate. One can almost hear a sound when looking at it. I'm sure a sound could be heard if one meditated on such a picture. The golden template level also contains the main power current that runs up and down the spine and is the main power current that nourishes the whole body. As this golden power current pulsates up and down the spine, it carries energies through the roots of each chakra and connects the energies that are taken in through each chakra. The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly outward from the body. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within this basket-like network. This network shows the power of the golden light, the divine mind that holds the whole field together in its entirety and its integrity.

In addition, in the ketheric template level are also the past life bands within the eggshell. These are colored bands of light which completely encircle the aura and can be found anywhere on the eggshell surface. The band found near the head-neck area is usually the band containing the past life that you are. working to clear in your present life circumstance. Jack Schwarz speaks of these bands and how to tell their meaning by their color. Later, in the past life healing section, I will describe how to work with these bands. The ketheric level is the last auric level in the spiritual plane. It contains the life plan and is the last level directly related to this incarnation. Beyond this level is the cosmic plane, the plane that cannot be experienced from the limiting viewpoint of only one incarnation.

The Cosmic Plane

The two levels above the seventh that I am able to see at this point are the eighth and ninth levels. They are each associated with the eighth and ninth chakras located above the head. Each level appears to be crystalline and composed of very fine high vibrations. The eighth and ninth levels seem to follow the general pattern of alternating between substance (eighth level) and form (ninth level) in that the eighth appears mostly a fluid substance and the ninth appears to be a crystalline template of everything below it. I have not found references to these levels in the literature, although they may be there. I know very little about these levels, except for certain very powerful healing practices that I have been taught by my guides. I will discuss these methods in Chapter 22.

Perceiving the Field.

It is important to remember that as you open your clairvoyant vision, you will probably perceive only the first layers of the aura. You will also probably not be able to distinguish between layers. You will probably just see colors and forms. As you progress, you will sensitize yourself to higher and higher frequencies so that you can perceive the higher bodies. You will also be able to distinguish layers and be able to focus on the layer of your choice.

Most of the illustrations in the next few chapters show only the lower three or four auric bodies. No distinction is made between the layers. They appear to be mixed within each other and act together in most of the interactions described. Most of the time we have our lower emotions, basic thinking processes and interpersonal feelings mixed together and confused. We are not very good at distinguishing them in ourselves. Some of that mixing even shows in the aura. Many times the mental and emotional bodies appear to act as one confused form. In the following descriptions of the therapeutic processes not much distinction is made in the bodies. However, through the therapeutic process or any other growth process, the layers of one's being become more distinct. The client is much more able to distinguish between base emotions, thought processes and the higher emotions of unconditional love associated with the higher auric levels. This distinction occurs through the process of understanding the cause-and-effect relationships described in Chapter 15. That is, the client begins to understand how his belief system affects the ideas in the mental body, how that, in turn, affects the emotions, then the etheric, and finally the physical body. With this understanding, one can then distinguish between layers of the auric field. The layers of the field actually become clearer and more distinct as the client becomes clearer with more self-understanding between physical feelings, emotional feelings and thoughts and acts accordingly.

Later, in the healing sections that follow, it will be very important to distinguish between the layers of the aura.

Answers to the Questions in Exercises To See the Human Aura.

The energy almost always moves from left to right around the circle. It feels very unpleasant to stop, and usually it is impossible to stop the entire flow. The feeling of building something up between your hands is that of a tickling sensation with pressure, somewhat like static electricity. When the energy body edges touch each other, there is a feeling of tingling and of pressure. When the energy body edge touches the skin, there is a feeling of tickling and pressure on the skin surface. When you draw circles on the palm, you can feel the tickling outline of the circle.

Most people see a haze around the fingers and hands when trying to sense the aura. It looks somewhat like the heat wave over a radiator. It is sometimes seen in various colors, such as a blue tint. Usually, most people see it as colorless in the beginning. The energy bodies pull like taffy between the fingers as the haze from each fingertip connects to the haze at the fingertip of the opposite hand. When you move the fingers so that a different fingertip is facing it, the haze will at first follow the old finger and then jump to the closer fingertip.



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