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Atheist View

Each individual is interwoven into the TimeSpaceEnergy continuum of the Universe.
Each individual is an experience that is created by the Universe.


Our living universe that defies heat death and is looking more likely to be an eternally reoccurring process that cycles through all possible combinations and permutations of possible patterns that it can take. For our universe, all that can be, will be, and all that cannot be, will not be and can never occur.

Inbuilt into the fabric of Existence is the ability of our universe to become relatively self aware through a process of Planetary Biological Evolution.

Creature conscious Awareness of the body/brain system as an organic, integrated system.
Species conscious

Aware of oneself as part of the species.

World conscious

Aware of the world as one living system.

Cosmic conscious Aware of the Universe as one, dynamic system that has the inherent capability of producing biochemical living systems.
Existence conscious Aware of the unfathomable Mystery of Existence and the individual's essential identity with it.

"I, Existence, am having a human experience."

The individual is an experience that is part of Existence.


If the universe is in an eternal dynamic state where matter is finite yet time is infinite then the probability of today's universe eternally re-occuring among the multitude of possible arrangements that universe can take, is 100% certain.

This means that our solar system, planet Earth and its history, and you and I, are an eternally reoccurring phenomenon and an inherent pattern in an eternal dynamic universe.


The universe only exists once in the dynamic movement which is the pattern of our universe. At its end, the universe is in a static equilibrium where no further dynamism can occur. This is known as heat death.



If the hypothesis is correct then the universe is eternal and cycles through all possible arrangements of TimeSpaceEnergyMatter. One of these arrangements is the universe that we are currently experiencing, including our solar system, the World, and you and I. This pattern is an eternally reoccurring one in which you and I eternally exist.

If the antithesis is correct then the universe, and you and I, are once only occurrences.


THE individual and the totality

The very fact that you are here is proof that each individual is a unique statistical possibility in the movements of the Universe.

Each individual is part of the statistical equations of the probabilities of Existence and this includes all the possible arrangements of this Universe - and others - within eternity.

The individual's movements of body and mind are all a part of the gigantic process that is the Universe.

All qualities and properties of the individual - body and mind - are creations of the mysterious Universe.

There is no separation between the continuum of the Universe and the individual.

We are cells in the gigantic body of the Universe.

Considering that Existence is eternal and thus all things that are possible will eternally reoccur, your existence is not necessarily a once only phenomenon.

Each individual is interwoven into the TimeSpaceEnergyMatterMind entity that is Existence.

Each individual is written into the equation of Existence - we are all an inherent part of Existence.

Human life is an experience. It is not a possession or something to cling onto. It is simply an experience. All lifeforms arise out of Existence. Identify with Existence and not with the temporary, fleeting human experience.

This human life is an experience that you can play with.

It is Existence that is the true identity of all lifeforms. So, be Existence playing with a human experience.

Allow all these good qualities to be expressed but all the time realize that you are Existence having a human experience. Don’t be attached to any of the experiences of body and mind, and don’t be attached to the organs of experience – the body and the mind.

Whatever we think about Existence, it still remains the only observable "creator", and we know that it is capable of producing habitable planets and biochemical creatures.

Where is the dividing line between the experience and the experiencer?

For example, where is the dividing line that separates the Universe from the individual biological organism? Some say that it is body, yet the body of the individual is not static, it is in a state of dynamic change. All the molecules of the body are constantly changing.

Some say it is the mind, yet the mind is a product of brain activity, which is a product of the evolutionary process and that is a product of the dynamics of the Universe which is all part of Existence.

Each individual is a part of Existence, a cell in the cosmic body of the persistently changing Universe. Every property, ability, experience, and moment of the individual is completely interwoven into the TimeSpace continuum of the Universe and the Universe is a part of the Totality of Existence.

The point I am making is that the individual is an experience that has been created by the Universe and it is the Universe that is experiencing the whole show - there is no separation between the experience and the experiencer. The deepest level of Self is the Totality of Existence.

There is no separation between the cell and the body. The cell is entirely dependent upon the body for its appearance and existence.

Please consider the following question:

"Where is the dividing line between the individual and the rest of Existence?"

I believe that there is none other than the psychological construct of separation that is a product of the individual's ignorance upon this subject, and this construct of egotistical separation can be challenged and removed by a process of rational thinking concerning "The Unity of Existence."

"It is the vast and mysterious Existence that becomes sentient and self-aware through the individual organism. For there is really only one identity to Existence. Therefore, Existence is Self and our deepest identity is Existence - The One Self."


The entire cosmos – Existence – is one vast system. A system that we are part of.

Biochemical life on earth has arisen from the movements and dynamics of the vaster cosmos.

Everything is composed of the same basic substance, the nature of which we do not know. We can analyze, label, and re-label this basic substance. Whatever we call it, energy, matter, chi, god, does not actually explain what it is. I prefer to simply use the word "Existence."

All we know is that there is a basic substance that appears in a multitude of various forms. The whole existence is an expression of this basic substance.

Existence is one entity. Of this, there can be no doubt.

  1. Unity of chemical life on earth.
  2. Unity of species.
  3. Unity of Existence that simply IS.


  • Existence is real – it really exists.
  • Existence is not human
  • It will always be a mystery
  • It simply is
  • It can produce biochemical sentient lifeforms (by accident, pattern, or design – it matters not)
  • Perhaps it is not rational
  • Looking at quantum discoveries, it appears to defy logical Newtonian laws.
  • Whatever we think or feel about it, existence just IS.

Existence just IS.

The Universe (all possible arrangements and multiverses) is an expression of variety within unity.


HUMAN categorization

We are very good at categorizing and labeling things. By labeling things, we remove the cloud of confusion as to what things are “to us” and what they mean “to us.” We split the continuum into neat categories so that we can navigate, understand, communicate, and learn. If we lose sight of the continuum that is Existence then we tend to forget that everything is One Phenomenon and not a collection or series of divided and separately labeled phenomena.




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