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  1. Integration of the seven centers (chakras) of the human experience
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Introducing the successful integration of the seven chakras

Purification, Holistic Health, Understanding, Integration, Balance, Growth, Evolution, richness, depth, meaning, and Transcendent Consideration. The understanding (vidya), purification (sauca), integration, balance, and sattvic (mode of goodness) appropriate and wise control, use, and management of the lower self by the awakened and collectively aware higher self. Centered in the heart chakra, grounded in the physical body and holistically healthy living, and spiritually understanding the basic unity of all life, the individual abides in the higher self, takes command of their life, character and personality and uses the lower self as the "Earth Suit", without losing the enjoyment, love, wisdom, goodness, freshness, intelligence, appropriate spontaneity, fun, and understanding that the Totality of Existence is an eternal, ultimate mystery of even unto itself and always will be.

Base center Sixth center Second center Third Center Fourth center


The Integration of the Seven Centers

Each center represents an area of human life:

To live a holistically healthy, balanced, integrated, and wisely managed aware life then we need to understand the area of life that each chakra represents.

This is the meaning of the phrase: "The Integration of the Centers."

chakras of the lower self

The Three Lower Chakras

The bodily part of our worldly experience.

Looking after the lower self so that it may serve and support the higher self (the civilized part of our nature).

The 3 lower chakras:

Red Base Chakra Physical body.
Orange Second Chakra Sex, reproduction, and the family (part 1).
Yellow Third Chakra Digestion, vitality, movement, endurance, physical power.

By itself, the lower self has all the faults and all the virtues of the three chakras of which it is composed. By itself, the lower self is the animal nature of man.

The life of the lower self is focused on:

1. BASE CHAKRA: Survival in the material world (instinctive intelligence).

2. SECOND CHAKRA: Survival of the species through reproduction and the family (part 1).

3. THIRD CHAKRA: Survival through the power of activity - the ability to do.

The egotistical desires, aversions, and attachments to these chakras is vastly reduced by understanding and realizing the Higher Chakras and some form of Transcendent considerations.


chakras of the higher self

The FOUR Higher Chakras 

The 4 higher chakras:

Green Heart Chakra Social and collective considerations.
Blue Throat Chakra Communication and expression.
Lilac Brow Chakra Mind.
White (outer circle) Crown Chakra Higher mind and transcendent considerations.

By itself, higher centers shows the person who has their head in the clouds. They do not feel as if they were meant to be on this planet. They may speak eloquently, think beautiful thoughts, have great feelings, but are powerless to ground them. Powerless to make them reality. Powerless to express them appropriately. The celestial dreamer, the ungrounded fanatic, the unfocused artist, the ungrounded intellectual, and the ungrounded spiritual personality.



When integrated with a healthy lower self, the four higher centers are opened and the focus of existence moves from purely egocentric survival to the collective and universal experiences of life:

4. HEART CHAKRA: Social and collective considerations. Healthy emotional understanding and expressions.

5. THROAT CHAKRA: Communication and creativity.

6. BROW CHAKRA: Clear thinking and life-enhancing imaginative creative activities.

7. CROWN CHAKRA: Wonder, philosophy, and transcendent considerations.


The Integration of The Seven Chakras

Spiritual Realisation, symbolised by the Crown Chakra (white sphere) and the heart chakra (green sphere) - thus the realisation of the underlying Unity of All Life and True Identity of Consciousness - spiritualizes, expands and enhances the experiences all the five chakras of change and diversity (chakras 1,2,3,5,6). We learn to experience them in an objective, ego-free, and non-attached way.

We fully realise NETI, NETI (not this changing mindstuff - chakras 1 to 6) but AHAM BRAHMA ASMI (I am pure, unalloyed, eternal, and infinite peace/bliss consciousness).

How can we spiritualise the chakras? First we need to acquaint ourselves with what areas of life each chakra represents. This helps us integrate each chakra in a healthy way. Then we can begin to enjoy their experiences in a spiritually aware, ego-free, benevolent, co-operative, balanced, sattvic, and non-attached way.

  • 6. AJNA: The Brow Chakra (lilac circle).
    Becomes spiritualized by reading, thinking, and knowing about this Spiritual Unity. In Yoga terms this is achieved by Gnani Yoga (reading and listening to spiritual thoughts about Unity), Meditation, and Samadhi - Understanding and Experiencing the Real Unity of Life.

  • 5. VISHUDDHI: The Throat Chakra (blue).
    Becomes interested in talking, communicating, and acting creatively from the attitude of Self Realisation. Creativity and activity for the benefit of all.

  • 4. ANAHATA: The Heart Chakra (green).
    Perhaps only capable of feeling love for family and country, the heart chakra opens to encapsulate the entire Universe, knowing it all to be God. The experience of Universal ego-less Love/Wisdom. This sort of love is calm, relaxed, cool, and always wise and appropriate. It's not the conditional experience of the second chakra. We often make the mistake of thinking that the second chakra is what love is all about. It's not. It's just sexual energy required to make babies.

  • 3. MANIPURA: The Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow).
    Activity and will power becomes more collective, co-operative, and community centred. As we realise the unity of life then we begin to understand what service is all about. We serve God in everything. The sense of being an entirely separate ego dissolves into the realisation of the Unity of Life. The craving and claims and attention seeking of egoism and it's self-importance and misery are tempered and dissolved by the expressions of the higher chakras. The sense of individuality is experienced as another pleasant aspect of the Universal Mind (chakras 1,2,3,5,6) - The Universal Mind of God.

  • 2. SVADHISTHANA: The Sacral Chakra (orange).
    The procreative and pleasure principle becomes settled in its relative and appropriate place in the larger picture of life. It calms down like a smooth peaceful lake. We learn to honour and respect it's reproductive and family making function.

  • 1. MULADHARA:The Base Chakra (red)
    The body is experienced as a temporary vehicle, a finite drop in the infinite ocean of Self. The house of our Lord. We no longer fear it's demise realising it to be a changing form. We look after it as best as we can. Hatha yoga and a sensible diet will perform this function well.

Thus is the message behind the Star of Enlightenment.

Before we go any further, it may be useful to read some guidelines about the correct and appropriate programs that we may run in our chakras so that we become happy and thus can bring happiness to others. Because quite simply - "AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT."

The THREE INITIATIONS OF ENLIGHTENMENT are three useful techniques to help us realise these truths and improve our lives to confirm and uphold the Truth of Unity.

They are explained below.


The Seal of Solomon - The Star of Enlightenment - is made of two triangles, one pointing upwards and one pointing downwards. To help us realise it's hidden meaning, we have placed the corresponding chakras upon the star. The Seal of Solomon symbolises THE INTEGRATION OF THE CHAKRAS - The Star of Enlightenment.


The Three Lower Chakras
By themselves
without integration with the whole
are called The Lower Self

The downward pointing triangle shows us the 3 lower chakras.

Without contact with the higher chakras - as is the case of the unintegrated personality - then a strong Egocentric activity will express itself in these life areas.

  • Manipura Chakra (yellow): Selfish and abusive will-power and activity. Selfish pursuit of name, fame, status, prestige and position.
  • Svadhisthana Chakra (orange): Selfish pursuit of sexual and sensual pleasure, desire, craving, wanting instant self-gratification, impatience, spoiled child syndrome.
  • Mooladhara Chakra (red): All the fears, pains, and disappointments of identification with the Physical Body as "your life." Not realising in the spiritual side of life the body is experienced as a temporary changing vehicle of consciousness.

By itself, the Lower Triangle of the Seal of Solomon is grounded in the Earth. It cannot raise its eyes above the horizon. It has all the faults and all the virtues of the three chakras of which it is composed. >The Bestial / animal man.

The lower self is often referred to as the selfish, untrained, unintegrated, lustful, greedy, vain, ignorant, and completely egocentric expression of the lower three chakras - "The Green Dragon" of St George and The Dragon. The life of a person on the Mutable Cross (one who is totally ego centred - EGOCENTRIC) is only expressing itself through the lower three chakras. Thus, life energy is focused on:

  1. Survival in the material world - root chakra (instinctive intelligence) - BASE CHAKRA.
  2. Survival of the species through the expression of personal desire - SECOND CHAKRA.
  3. Survival through the power of the expression of personal emotions - THIRD CHAKRA.

The whole lower triangle represents the beast part of the Sphinx and the Centaur.


The Three Higher Chakras

The upward pointing triangle shows us the 3 higher chakras - love and compassion (green - Heart Chakra), creative and communicative activity for the benefit of all (blue - Throat Chakra), and the Intellect (lilac - Ajna Chakra).

By itself, the Upper Triangle of the Seal of Solomon shows the person who has their head in the clouds. They do not feel as if they were meant to be on this planet. They may speak eloquently, think beautiful thoughts, have great feelings, but are powerless to ground them. Powerless to make them reality. Powerless to express them appropriately. The Celestial Dreamer, the Angelic person, the Intellectual, the human head of the Sphinx and the Centaur.

When the three higher centres are opened and one has become more life-centred, the focus of existence moves from egocentric survival to the bigger picture of life:

  1. Life as expressed through Love - HEART CHAKRA (Mature Love).
  2. Life as expressed through Creative Activity - THROAT CHAKRA (Mature Communication and creativity).
  3. Life as expressed through a clear and spiritual intellect that is in command of the activities of Chakras 1 to 6 - BROW CHAKRA. (Mature Thinking and Consideration)

The understanding of the meaning of the Sahasrara Chakra Crowns the individual with the spiritual knowledge of The Unity of Life.

The Integration of All Seven Chakras

The Path of Enlightenment involves bringing both of these triangles together. On their own they are much less than when they are united. The joining of the triangles is the marriage of the Heaven and Earth. The balanced union of Yin and Yang. The Integration of the Seven Chakras.

You need to know what each chakra represents psychologically before you will understand the following Initiations. If you don't then please read the chakra pages, otherwise the following information will not make much sense and you will misinterpret or lose the essential teachings.


Purifing, Integrating, Balancing, and Allowing
Conscious Self Mastery
of 3rd (yellow) and 4th (green/pink) Chakras
so as to function normally

The Solar Plexus (manipura, third chakra), as it loses the ego blockages of selfishness, anger, control and jealousy, so its energies start to rise to the Heart Chakra. We start to understand that as we help others, so we ourselves are helped.

This is realisation is greatly enhanced and quickened by understanding the UNITY OF ALL LIFE (the psychological meaning of the Crown Chakra). Once we know that everything is One, then the love and selflessness begins to happen quite naturally.

Swami Satchidananda of 'The Integral Yoga Society' says:

"Who is the happiest person? The person who brings happiness to others."

So the Heart Chakra works with <>tempering the lower self,healing, relationships, forgiveness, unselfishness, groups and society.

The heart starts to function at a higher and higher level quite naturally. We don't have to force ourselves. The aim of the first initiation is the reduction of selfishness and the opening and functioning of the Heart Chakra.

The heart chakra and the higher self is then used to temper, control, spiritualize, and thus Master the lower self. The lower self becomes tempered by the higher self realizations and functionings.

We eliminate our selfish ego and the tyranny and dictation of an egocentric lower self is no longer a problem for us. We become it's Master. It becomes our slave. This is the correct spiritual set up of the chakras and thus a large step in the production of an enlightened mind and being.


Purifing, Integrating, Balancing, and Allowing
Conscious Self Mastery
of 2nd (orange) and 5th (blue) Chakras
so as to function normally

The second chakra is the chakra of pleasure and personal creativity. Sex and procreation is the personally creative task of bringing children into the world. The child grows in the womb of the mother and is created under the energy of the second chakra.

However, uncontrolled addiction to second chakra energy leads to possessiveness, selfish desire, wanting and abuse. Last but not least, it leads to the pain of attachment. Of the pain we store in the second chakra when we do not get what we want - our disappointments. As we suffer the pain of bereavement as our parents, children and friends die. As we suffer the pain of broken relationships as our lover leaves us or of divorce.

The control of the Energy rising to the throat means the release and dissipation, dissolution, of pains from the past.

It does not mean celibacy.

It means a conscious choice of where we put our energies. Which chakra expressions we feel are appropriate and of the best possible good for this Universal Life.

Of the ability to be free from pain, selfish desire and craving. Of being free from our robotic nature. Free to use our energies in any way we wish. Once we have realised meaning of the Crown Chakra, the Unity of All Life, then it is highly likely that we will wish to use our energies for the benefit of the One in All.

The Fifth chakra, the throat, is the chakra of creativity for the benefit of all. Whenever we work hard at something creative, be sure that energy is coming out of the throat.

Picasso's girlfriends used to complain when he was creating pictures. Sometimes weeks would go by whilst he painted and never a thought of making love. He had a strong sexual drive and many girlfriends, but when he worked, he never gave a thought to them. In the same way, some wives get jealous of their husbands job. Some call themselves golf widows. As we get older, if we are successful, we naturally gravitate towards the control of our sexual energies. We do not need to force it.Repression of natural energies creates disease and anger. No wonder successful armies use sexual repression as a technique of war.

Whenever energy is coming from the second chakra, it can no longer rise to the throat. The Aim of raising these energies higher needs training because of one or all of the following five reasons:-

1. We like the effect of using the second chakra and cannot "see" the problems created by using it inappropriately. We are used to the connection. We are used to the battle for energy in relationships and can see no other way of being.

2. Because of the inappropriate use of the second chakra in relationships and in families, this use then becomes competitive. First of all between people, as we compete for peoples attention. And then of course the competition is between the energies of relationships and of creation for the benefit of all. This is the reason why relationships are banned in sport. Why they are banned in some spiritual organisations, for example some Christian Priests and monks. Some Hindu Sannyasins, the Brahmacharyas. They say that the energies required to do their jobs. To raise their base energies towards enlightenment, requires that they do not stop off on the way in energy competitive relationships. They are correct because the energy needs to be able to rise higher, in a conscious fashion. It can be a good exercise to try this out for a while. However, usually, constant repression causes anger, bigotry, misogyny and war if used before this pathway of energy becomes natural. Relationships should not be competitions over energy. This is one of the major reasons why so many relationships continue to break up in this modern society. The divorce rate can only rise as more and more people get upset at the competitive dramas of their partners and themselves.

3. Because of the way we are brought up, competing for the energy of the second chakra in relationships, we can see no other way of being. Most people think of the energy of the second chakra as love but true love comes from the heart. The energy of the second chakra is energetic food for the use of creating children and feeding them afterwards. Its use creates a very nice feeling. Nature wants us to use it in this way. However its use can become addictive. Those who give cannot create as much and cannot think so clearly. Those who take become stronger, can create more and can think more clearly. Rich old merchants of mediaeval times took a young wife so they could live longer. So that they could Vampirise their young wife's energy. Some people use dramas to take energy. I previously mentioned the dramas and strategies that many people use to get energy. The people who become Aloof or Interrogators. The people who become Poor Me's or who become Intimidators, Threateners or the Violent. People can go even more extreme. They can become Sado-Masochists and sexual murderers as the addiction for the energy of the second chakra expresses itself in sexual relationships.

4. If we cannot prevent other people connecting with us and so draining our energies. Any drama comes from this need to give, take or compete for the energy of the second chakra. Some people can vampirise you. They can take your energy in a glance. All dramas go too far. All competition for energy is violent. It comes from a perceived shortage of energy, a fear of not having enough, but mostly this giving and taking energy is done on an unconscious and robotic, automatic level.

5. Our second chakra is usually already damaged. It holds so much pain that it has not got a lot of energy. We do not want to go near that pain. We do not want to use the second chakra in any capacity. We need to heal it by gradually dissolving the pain.


Purifing, Integrating, Balancing, and Allowing
Conscious Self Mastery
of 1st (red) and 6th (lilac) Chakras
so as to function
normally, humanitarianly, and spiritually

As we lose the fears of the Base Chakra. The fear of lack of security. The fear of losing food, money, house, and in the end, life itself. Our fear of Death is the last fear to go. As this happens. As we see the negativity of this fear. As we cease to react automatically to these fears. As we do this in practice when all of these disasters happen to us. As we are tested with all this really heavy stuff. So the energies are allowed to rise into the head chakras - Ajna and the Crown.

The purified wisdom of the humanitarian and spirituali Ajna chakra, chakra 6, takes command of the activities of Chakras 1 to 5 with reference to the Unity of All Life - Chakra 7.

It is the natural wisdom (viveka) of the purified and functioning Ajna (6th) Chakra - the wise discerning part of the mind - that tempers and controls the functioning and interactivities of the other chakras 1,2,3,5,6: with constant reference to the Unity of All Life and the reality that the authentically genuine nature of the self in All Individuals is, at it's deepest level of identity, the Eternal, Infinite, Universal One Self - The One in the All and the All in the One (re: chakra 7)

The whole of the personality under the command of Ajna Chakra which is in alignment with Sahasrara.


chakras - balancing the gunas and the doshas

All good things in balanced moderation.

Here we find a useful picture to help us understand the importance of keeping a balance in all aspects of life - balance throughout the chakras

Avoid the extremities and try to live a holistically healthy and balanced life.

Integrate the seven centers and balance self with others.

Balance inner male and female qualities.



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