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Time is a quality of experiences within the Creation and like all qualities of the Creation it has its source in God. Time and all other aspects of Creation (experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity) are created by God.

There is no fixed and absolute time. Time is relative to the experiencing soul. God can place a soul into any TimeSpaceExperience that God and the soul agree upon. God can create and recreate any TimeSpaceExperience that He so wishes - anything, anytime, however many times God so wishes. All experiences and phenomena of the Creation are ETERNALLY AVAILABLE TO GOD, because all things are created from God, and thus the Creator can create whatever It likes, whenever it likes, howsoever many times It so wishes.

This should help us realize that the lifetime that we are currently experiencing - the world, its history, people, and events - are all an example of God's creative ability.

For the God realized soul, there is no need for lamentation or sorrow concerning "the passing of time" because we realise that it is all in God's hands. All experiences are like movie stories that are created by God. They can be edited, reshown, and repeated as many times as God wants. God creates it all and we (the souls) are part of the show.

God plays us one movie, perhaps set in the medieval times, then directly after we watch a sci-fi movie set in a distant star system in the future. All God's creation, and all for the entertainment and experience of the soul and God.

God creates all TimeSpaceMatterEnergy continuums and events. Time is not a linear phenomenon. Time and the experience of time is completely in the creative hands of God.


Both the unmanifest (the Absolute) and the manifest (the Creation/Shakti) are One Eternal Unseparated Total Entity that is the true identity of Self. The Creation arises/manifests within the unmanifest (the rest of God/Self), for where else can it arise? All the manifest experiences, all the individual souls, all worlds, all bodies, all universes, all creatures great and small, are all eternal phenoma - eternally recreatable and eternally available experiences - and ultimately all is One - All is Self.

All experiences of multiplicity, variety, and diversity are of the true nature of dreams, appearing in the creative aspect (the Creation) of the One, True, Eternal and Total Self (that which is sometimes called "God"). All these experiences are eternally recreatable and eternally available for the experience of the One Creator and Experiencer - the One True Self. Nothing is lost nor gained in terms of the Eternal Self. The created and the creator are one eternal entity that is the Real Self. Verily, All is One and One is All.

Souls (that's us!), their embodiement, the worlds and universes that they inhabit, and all experiences are eternally recreatable and eternally available phenomena.

Dear all, fear not, grieve not, sorrow not, for we are all part of the eternal Self. Souls are neither born nor do they die. Bodies are vehicles that we are given for enjoyment, education, and experience. Bodies experience the natural changes of birth, youth, disease, aging, and death, but grieve not for the soul is not the body!

The divine laws of karma - simply action and consequence - rule all souls. What we do will be returned to us in this life or future lives. Understand this Law and thus be good and do good and eventually your experiences will become heavenly, magical, beautiful, charmed, and divine. Do good and be good and good luck will begin to manifest in your life as the return for your own goodness.

Dear beloved all! Time does not exist! There is only the changes of experience within the timelessness of eternity. We, dear beloved all, are living souls. You and I will be born again, and again, and again, forever more! We will experience beautiful summer evenings surrounded by our beloved. Fear not! Grieve not! Sorrow not! Live wisely in trust, sincerity, goodness, enlightenment, and faith. Time does not exist. Our perception of time is the perception of changes - that is all it is. Time, as a thing in itself, does not exist. Time is not a one-dimensional line starting at a given point and preceeding forward, like a history book timeline. No, time is merely our perception of changes within the eternal continuum of Allness. Changes exist, bodies are born, live, and die, seasons change, living worlds are born and die, universes are born and die, but the indwelling soul - the experiencer - does not fundamentally change, although the contents of our heart and mind does change in quality and knowledge according to our choices and experiences.

You and I are eternal beings, our home is eternity, so we need to realise this and make eternity our home - to come home, to arrive home in eternity! Before this current physically embodied experience we existed and we will continue to exist when this current body had died. Yet, in reality, the body does not cease to exist, as all experiences and bodies are eternally recreatable phenomena. If you so desire, you can have the same body and exactly the same life over and over again, until you fancy a change, then you can choose a different body and life. This is the extent of Gods gift of life to us. What a gift! Realise the truth concerning the reality of the soul!

Bodies, worlds, and universes exist and go through changes. Humanity has chosen to call these changes; birth, youth, aging, and death. Yet God chooses to simply call the changes "changes"! The expression and experience of these changes is magical, miraculous, mysterious, awesome, and beautiful - if we realise the dreamlike reality of phenomena and the reality of the soul. God creates for our experience. What a spectacular and magical show God creates and time, other than the measurement of changes - does not in itself exist!



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