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PLANET EARTH = Soul School


Realising that Planet Earth is a Soul School

The end of confusion is born when we realise that this world is a soul school and all souls here, whether we know it or not, are gradually working through the generic ignorance that is a natural and normal part of our growth and development. All souls are here as part of our education and purification process.

A school has the purpose of educating its students out of ignorance, to knowledge, and finally to wisdom. Ignorance is neither stupidity nor badness, although it can express itself in those ways. Ignorance simply means "not knowing or understanding something". In a soul-school we expect to find lots of individual souls with lots of ignorance to overcome. This is the natural state of a soul-school and the souls living within it.

As you probably realise by now, Planet Earth is a Primary School Level.

Understanding this, completely changes our attitude, behaviour, and interactivity with all life on Earth, and realizing why we are here helps us to take control of our conscious holistic self-development. As you have reached this far to be naturally interested and motivated to read this document, then you are ready to consciously take control of your holistic and enlightening self-development, and I strongly recommend that you do this.

If we don't take charge of our conscious and holistic self-development then our stay in soul-school will be long and difficult and we will endure much unnecessary suffering as Nature (the automatic teaching mechanism) is a slow, but utterly thorough teaching device.

The individual soul is a spiritual being that is currently having a human experience in a soul-school world called "Planet Earth." The individual soul is a part of The Creation (the tiny area of The Total Self where all the variety, diversity, and multiplicity happens). Each soul is an eternally recreatable and repeatable experience, as is every experience within the almost infinite number of experiences that make up The Creation. The deepest identity of all souls - the soul of all souls - is the One, Eternal, Immortal, Mysterious Totality of Existence, that One, Eternal Being which is the deepest, permanent, and true identity of all souls and within which the Creation is a very small part where all expressions and experiences of variety, diversity, and multiplicity that can happen occur.

We are not the physical body

The spiritual individual that we call "a soul" is not the physical body (vehicle). This is very important to understand and realise. The physical body is; born, grows, maintains itself, gets sick, gets damaged, and eventually dies at which time the individual soul leaves the physical body and continues to the next experience. To find out more about the individual soul then please study the HELM individual soul page.

Conscious and holistic self-developement

When we understand that this planet is a soul-school and that all conscious living beings are actually embodied, non-physical, very long living, and eternally recreatable and re-experienceable spiritual individuals (souls), then we can drop all hatred and deluded expectations concerning the activities, attitudes, and behaviours of all souls currently in this soul-school. We can then consciously attend to our own learning, growth, and development.

We consciously learn how to skillfully, effectively, and wisely take care of ourselves and loved ones, and understand the aim of a soul-school.

Some of the most important goals of a soul-school are to learn how to;

  • understand and master the human experience; overcoming ignorance, selfish egotism, corruption, and all badness that we find within ourselves (the seven chakra system is supremely helpful to us with this task and makes it so much easier)
  • understand and overcome selfish egotism
  • be holistically healthy in body, emotions, mind, and interactivity with all other living beings
  • be considerate of all other living beings in our:
    • attitudes
    • activities
    • behaviours
    • opinions and beliefs
    • communications
    • interactivity and relationships
  • accept and develop our wise and emotional heart and conscience developing empathy, care, and compassionate consideration for all other living beings
  • be good; harmless, virtuous, moral, considerate, decent, appropriate, knowledgeable, skillful, helpful, supportive, charitable, caring, loving, wise, and truly civilized
  • be respectful, tolerant, and patient
  • take conscious control of this life
  • holistically purify and heal ourselves
  • develop our loving, skillful, and wise stewardship and management of all life on Earth
  • understand and become Self Realized (Enlightened)

All these things and more can be understood and overcome by studying the HELM website and by doing and embodying all the good wisdom you find here.

For a fuller list of soul-school aims please visit the HELM Guided Study Program.

We must keep in mind that the Planet Earth is a soul-school and is a place designed for souls to learn, purify our selfishness (which leads to all expressions and experiences of badness, wickedness, evil) and develop love, goodness, wisdom, and maturity. A soul-school is designed to allow souls to make mistakes and experience the suffering that arises out of ignorance and selfishness. It is not a place to expect mature and enlightened behaviour and utopia - although these are the very qualities that ARE BEING UNDERSTOOD AND DEVELOPED in the soul-school

Don't expect a utopia in a place designed for souls to understand and eventually overcome ignorance and selfish egotism. I hope that you will understand and perceive this as you experience this world.

When we understand that this planet is a soul-school and that all conscious living beings are actually embodied, non-physical, very long living, and eternally recreatable and re-experienceable spiritual individuals (souls), then we can drop all hatred and deluded expectations concerning the activities, attitudes, and behaviours of all souls currently in this soul-school. We can then consciously attend to our own learning, growth, and development, and as we experience success in our learning and living then we can share our knowledge and wisdom with interested others.

The frustration of the evolved yet atheistic/agnostic souls

There are those evolved and advanced individuals - good in heart - who do not understand the spiritual reality of life and therefore reject the concept of soul. These individuals generally have a frustrating and angry life as they try very hard to help others, teach, and assist the evolution, growth, and development of others.

As Planet Earth is quite a primary level soul-school, the atheistic advanced soul finds themselves often "banging their intelligent head against the wall of ignorance".

They can get so disillusioned by the state of human life on Earth, that they can, in their passionate despair, turn against it or retreat from trying to help others, leading to deep hatred, bitterness, and depression. This is to be expected and is part of their own learning experience. Life can become a lot less frustrating when we perceive it as a soul-school.

It is not that there is just a down trodden underclass of the majority of the world population that is continually being abused, dumbed down, poisoned, used, exploited, and killed by the feudal overlords of this planet, but there is also to be taken into account the growth, development, and evolution of those souls who are experiencing being part of the underclass.

Just because a person is poor and part of the exploited underclass does not necessarily mean that they are a good hearted individual. This is where the entire concept of building a better world by liberating the "the downtrodden masses" fails, because it assumes that "the masses" are generally "good" and if they could just be liberated from their feudal overlord masters then all would be well and a good world would emerge.

Realising that Planet Earth is a soul school really puts things into perspective. This doesn't mean that if your calling (your deepest inner motivation) is to help others you should ignore it. It does mean, however, to realise that ALL SOULS ARE LEARNING whatever their external circumstances happen to be.

I hope that this is useful to the frustrated, good hearted, and intelligent souls, and helps you to not get hurt by the very people you are trying to help.

Learning, Doing, and Teaching

It may arise that you would like to focus on becoming a skillful, effective, and ego-free sharer of knowledge and wisdom, and thus you can dedicate this lifetime to learning, practicing, doing, and teaching conscious holistic self-development and Self-Realization (Enlightenment).



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